Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Brody
April 21, 2010
26.4 lbs 32.5 inches
We celebrated Brodys birthday on Sunday so Todds parents could come because they were in town! We went to the park and had cake and ice cream and opened gifts, which Brody was hardly interested in except for his new soccer ball!
A few things about Brody/funny incidents...
--Brody loves soccer and loves to kick the soccer ball around the house. If he throws it to you and you catch it he will say "nice catch"!!
--Whenever I ask Brody how much I love him he stretches his arms as far as he can and says "much"...
--Brody is the easiest child to put to bed. 99% of the time he comes to us and says he's ready for bed. He doesn't require a story a song or anything. One time I was singing to him and he said "Stop" and he crawled into bed!! Couldve been my singing! Once we were jumping on the tramp and Brody put his popsicle stick down and said " need take nap". I love it!!
--Brody loves to read and always is bringing me a book and saying " read book" I try to read to him while I am nursing Stella so he won't get into any trouble! One time he was "reading" to stella and he grabbed her head and said "stella look"
--Brody is super obedient and I rarely make it to 3 when I am counting for him to do something. Most the time if he gets put in time out it is because I think he looks so cute in the corner!!
--We were pulling weeds and Brody pulled one and said "Broccoli"!
--Brody loves his brother and has learned many things from him..some of his newest phrases include: wacko, kick your butt, stinky butt, zip it...its hard to get mad cuz its actually funny when he says these things but we are trying to teach him they are naughty!
--I was on the phone and I told Brody I was talking to a friend. I asked him if he had friends and he replied "my brother". They really do love each other and are starting to play so well together.
--Brody LOVES Stella soooo much! He is always kissing her and saying Stella Pretty. Whenever he climbs up to see her he calls her "stella bella" or "stella boo". At leas once every 5 minutes he has to kiss her! Her hair always has nasty drool in it combined with anything else that was in Brodys mouth!
--Brody can say his ABC's and count to 10
--Brody loves to ride the four wheelers and always says "grandpa bob, keys, four wheeler."
--Brody doesn't really like sweets. He will eat chocolate but that is about it. He won't even eat his gummy vitamins!
--Brody is definetely our little peacemaker and he keeps things calm around our house! I love his sweet little spirit.
Brody was really scared when my fellow employees of Chuck A Rama sang to him! But he sure loved the dessert!

Brody eating his birthday cake! I love his smile!

Brody loves to wear his sunglasses. He and Chan think they are "Spy kids" if they have them on!

Happy Birthday Brody, I love you so much! You're definetely the child that keeps me sane! You brighten up my day! You always have a huge smile and a hug for me! I love you so much and I am so glad I am your Mother!! I definetely love you "much" much much more than you will ever know!


Janette said...

Such a cute post. Brody was so fun to watch when you guys came down. That's funny he told you that he needed a nap. I need a child like that. He is one Cutie for sure. we love you Brody!

NAT said...

Happy Birthday, Brody! You're a little doll. Your smile reminds me of Todd as a little boy. :)

This was such a sweet tribute/post to Brody.

katesmith said...

What a great little post on Brody! He is the perfect example of great things come in small packages! He is the sweetest most handsome little guy!! It was fun to share his birthday party and be with you for a few days. I see two things Brody gets from his father! Not taking his vitamins, which I would always find Todd's on the floor which he tried to hide under his bar stool and the peacemaker attribute. Todd was our peacemaker to try to mellow out the girls! We love you so much little Brody!

Cassidy & Shawn Marshall said...

haha he is so stinkin cute love the cake face!

The Smith's said...

Brody has always had the greatest smile!! I just remember him always being happy and always so smiley. He has gotten quite handsom too, I might add! You are going to have to monitor the girls on that one:) Happy b-day Brody!!! We hope you had a great day!

Wardleclan said...

I love you brody! You are trule Carters BEST and quite honestly ONLY friend! I love how happy you are and I just don't know what we are going to do when you don't live right by us! :(