Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jess has been trying to convince me to do a triathalon for almost 2 years now! It sounded fun but I knew without a big boost I would never actually sign up. So one sunday while I was at a meeting my dear sweet husband signed me up and I knew there was no turning back! So me and some of my best friends decided to train and do it all together! It was so fun to train with people you love to be around and to experience all of these first timer experiences with them!! We had a blast! I even learned to swim!!!! Yes I am proud of that!! Super slow but hey a swim is a swim!! Thanks ladies for the awesome experience! And special thanks to Jess for coaching us all through it! She was so patient and understanding of our stupid questions and concerns! She took us on a lot of bike rides and helped us swim so we didn't die at the lake!! I love Jess so much and I am so grateful to have such an awesome sister in law!! Without her, none of us could have done this!!
All of us lovely ladies completed our first triathalon together! We went to dinner to celebrate before the actual race!!

This is Natalie and I with Jess and Johanna, our inspirations!!

The best group of ladies EVER!!

Muffins with Mom
Chandlers school did a muffins with mom breakfast! It was fun although I did not feel old enough to be participating as the actual mom! Where has the time gone and how has chandler grown so fast?

Jess and Grant

Me and my favorite little guy!

These 2 are the best of friends! We love having grant over to play and their favorite thing to do right now is catch lizards!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter 2012
My camera died so not so many pics! We had a great weekend! We went to our ward easter egg hunt and had such a fun time! It is going to be so hard to leave such an amazing ward! The kids love all of their friends here and so do Todd and I! We had a relaxing Easter morn with no meetings!! The kids found the eggs and then we got ready to go to church. I am so thankful for my testimony and for my Savior. I hope my kids learned and will remember the true meaning of Easter.

Wow! Thats one for the wedding video!

Kids lined up at the Ward Easter egg hunt!

Some funny things the kids said on Easter morn:
-Will the easter bunny be at church?
-I think I want to be the Easter bunny for Halloween.
-I swear the easter bunny was in my bed last night.
-How did the easter bunny know what I wanted?
-He was probably playing the WII while he ate his carrots.
-Maybe he had all his kids with him.
-Will it say "Ribbit, Ribbit." umm you mean Rabbit?...Oh Ya!
-I need it. (Stella about her candy)
-Awesome..this is the BEST easter ever!

Spring Break--
This is our first spring break ever!! I decided to try to do one adventure a day! Sadly I didn't get pics of all of it! We flew a kite, painted bird houses, went to Mcds, went to the drive in, played at the park many times, had a glow stick bath and stayed busy the whole week!!

And the kite flying ended like this!!!

We had such a fun trip to Arizona! The weather was amazing and we always love visiting the Nielsen family! The kids had so much fun and played so well together! We went to the zoo, the easter pagent, the pool, the train park, San Tan flats and played in the backyard for many hours! thanks for letting us come stay with you guys!!

At San Tan flats having their picture drawn
The kids had been earning money to take to Arizona. Instead of a toy Brody wanted to ride the merry-go-round!

These 2 played so good together!! I love that the older they get, the less fighting we hear!
Chan loves his picture taken. He wanted to carry the camera and take pics of everything.

The Nielsen clan! What an adorable family!! Thanks for making our vacation so awesome!
We are expecting a 4th child!!! But its going to be a Gorilla!

Oh Worver!! We love you so much!!

A day at the lake bed....
The kids love to go out and ride four wheelers! Lucky for us, Luke just bought some! My parents drove down and we all headed out for a fun day!!

Brody insisted on carrying this bud light bottle every where!
Best little buddies
Grandpa Rick and Stella

Jess and Stella
Grant and Logan in all their riding gear
Grandma Kay and Stella

We had such a fun day! I am so thankful for my family! I love being able to see them so often and that my kids get to create so many memories with their cousins and grandparents!!