Sunday, June 27, 2010

At the beginning of June we moved to Las Vegas! It has actually been a really great move! I am so proud of Todd and his accomplishments! Todd got a store 1/2 mile from our house so it has been nice to have him so close! He is loving his new job! We have definetely missed our friends and family that we left behind but are so excited to start a new journey as a family! The greatest blessing that has come with this move is that now I get to stay at home with my kids! Peace out Chuck! Actually I do miss Chuck A Rama, I made some great friends there! But I love being home with my kids!
--Park City--Mother, Daughter Weekend--
We had such a fun get away with Todds mom, Jay, Nat and Brooke. Ash you were definetely missed! It was so fun to just spend time with the girls! I loved having that one on one with Stella! And we got to meet Addi Jane! As you can see in this picture she is such a happy little thing! Todds mom had such a fun weekend planned and this is a tradition we MUST keep!

Grandma Belnap--Kate--Addi Jane

While we were up north we took the kids to the Zoo! It was so fun and we even got to see a giraffe eat the zoo sign and the Tigers wrestle!

Mom-Brody-Chandler on the Carousel

Aunt Nat--Chloe--Emma
My boys LOVE Emma and Chloe! They had so much fun swimming with them!

We got to go to a fun little amusement park and the kids loved riding the roller coaster!

--St. George Visit--
After we moved to LV Todd had to head up to SLC for one more week of training and I didn't want to be home alone so I headed to St. George to spend some time with my mom who had been in Italy for 3 weeks and we moved while she was gone:(

Grandma Kay--Chandler--Brody--Stella

We also got together with our friends at the park! My kids miss all of their friends soooo much!

Grandpa Rick and Stella K

We made a visit to the Splash Park

Chandler and Brody

Brody relaxing at the splash park
--Las Vegas--
As much as we miss our friends, it has been fun to spend time with Grant, Logan, Boston and Lila again! We are lucky to have such great family!

Sleepover with Grant and Logan

Swimming at Uncle Boyds

Grant and Chandler

Uncle Lukes Baseball game!


The Smith's said...

Rikki- Stella is getting cuter by the minute:) She looks like Chandler. I hope you are loving your new place! Sounds like everything is going well there:) We miss you guys! Way to go Brody on the potty training!

NAT said...

Check out Chloe's hair in that zoo picture. She looks like an orphan. That girl just won't keep her hair in. I'm also glad you got a swimming picture of me with my body UNDER the water. You would think I'd have a rockin' bod after two years of not being prego, but nope. I still eat too much and work out too little. :)

Speaking of rockin' bods, you look great, Rikki, and your hair is so pretty and getting long.

These are some great pictures and I'm glad that you're adjusting to Vegas and doing well.

katesmith said...

Thanks so much for bringing Stella and coming for our girl's weekend. It was so much fun and nice to spend time with just Stella and Addi. Robert loved having the boys. It was a fun week. Thanks so much for the cute picture frame. I need to get my pictures in it!!

Anna said...

Conrats to Brody's potty training!! We're still working with Lizzi. Hit or miss most days, but I think she's starting to get the hang of it. And a plus, Maddi is wanting to be like big sis and sits on the training potty while Lizzi sits on the regular toilet. I'm hoping that this continues and I can get them both potty trained by next summer.