Tuesday, November 9, 2010

--The old Brody--
A couple of weeks ago, on a Monday, I turned to tell Brody something and he was looking at me cross-eyed. I didn't think anything of it, but over the next few days I noticed his eyes were crossing quite frequently. By Friday his eyes were permanetly crossed. I was really concerned so I took him to the eye doctor and they told me he has Accomadative Esotropia. Which basically means he is trying so hard to see, that it is causing his eyes to turn in. So for the next 2 months he will wear glasses and if that doesn't fix the problem he will have eye surgery. He is doing really well with his glasses and I think they are working because now he actually wants to wear them. It has been hard to get used to seeing him in glasses but he looks adorable and he loves them!

--The new Brody--

I love what a great big brother Chandler is! We were driving home from the gym and I can hear Chandler mumbling and then I hear him say " knock some one out." I turned around and said, "What?" and he replies, " Ya, I was about to knock some one out cuz they were laughing at Brodys glasses." I thought it was awesome that he was standing up for Brody.

My beautiful little Stella.

These 2 are the higlight of my life! I love being their mom!

..Halloween Weekend...

Dash from the Incredibles! Chandler loved his costume and wore it for a week straight! He even won a t-shirt at the drag races because he wore it there! This costume fits his personality perfectly!

My little Fireman! Brody looked adorable but was not a fan of the fire hat!

Stella the "thing with wings". She wasnt anything specific just a cute little girl with wings! She hated her costume and this was the only time she ever wore it!!!!!!!

Todds parents came for the weekend! They came for the drag races, which has become quite the tradition! Chandler is obsessed, he even chose to go to the races instead of going trick or treating!

It was fun to have Kathleen spend Halloween with us and come to our trunk or treat! My kids are so lucky to have such fun, involved grandparents! I am so glad my kids have them in their lives! My kids have no clue how lucky they are to have such great grandparents!

--Grandpa Bob and Brody--
My boys love spending the day at the races with their grandpa Bob! He is so good to them! They love to just be with him and be spoiled by him!

Brody had a blast at the races! But he was definetely worn out! This was him before we even pulled out of the parking lot to go home!

Chandler loved trick or treating in the pits and all of the fun stuff he got! Much better than candy!
I wish this didn't look so natural! Chandler is such a huge fan of the races! He keeps saying he wants to drive one someday! And with his dare-devil attitude I bet he will!


NAT said...

Brody, I LOVE your glasses. You look handsome and very smart. Good for Chandler for sticking up for his little brother. Stella, you are such a gorgeous little girl! If you haven't already, I would enter her in a baby contest or two. She's a doll.

I love the Halloween costumes and glad that you guys had fun at the races. You're a good sport, Rikki, for going along. :) You look great, by the way!

The Smith's said...

I love love love Brody in glasses. He looks like a handsom little devil in them. I was busting up at chan-mans comment of knocking someone out!!! Hilarious!! I think I will laugh for days about that one... especially knowing who said it. Stella looks so cute in her wings. She is beautiful. Did you make the tutu!! SO Cute!!!!! Addi hated her costume too! Loved all the costumes!!!

Wardleclan said...

Chan is such a crack up his costume fits his personality and he even looks like dash! Hallee was so excited to hear his message the other day! Stella is so beautiful and hallee now thinks Brody is the coolest cousin with his glasses. She told everyone that we know that her cousin Brody has cool glasses from walmart! I think she wants glasses for Christmas now!

Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

Awwwwww. You guys are the cutest!!!! I am so happy Brod's glasses seem to be working. I think he looks so stinkin' adorable with them on, and I was blown away at how good he was to keep them on when I watched him the other day. What I don't understand is how they aren't shattered by now!! I thought he and Brody were going to break them like 10 different times in just a few hours!!! Lol.

katesmith said...

It was so fun to spend Halloween with all of you. Thanks for joining me at the races. I wish I liked them as much as Chan Man. Maybe when he is racing, I'll really get into it! Everyone loved Chan at the races in his cool costume. I still think Brody's eyelashes were too long for his eyes to hold up!! He is adorable in his glasses. I am cracking up at what Chandler said. He was definitely meant to be the BIG brother! He could probably whoop most kids his age. I wouldn't mess with him!!! I love little Stella. She and Brody looked so cute in their costumes. Brody's little Doc Martin boots were a crack up with the fireman suit.

Ashley and Cody said...

I LOVE little Brody in his glasses as well! He looks so cute and I couldn't stop laughing at Chan's comment about knocking someone out! Hilarious!! Your kids look so cute in their costumes. Stella is such a doll and I can't wait to see you guys next week! It's going to be so much fun. You look beautiful in your pictures. So fun