Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bahamas 2011---

On the small boat that would tender us to Coco Cay

At Atlantis. This was such a beautiful place and the water park was so fun!

"Monarch of The Seas"--our ship

In the ocean at Coco Cay

We were looking for some shopping on Paradise Island and a guy points us in the direction of the shops and says " thats some good shopping over there. Want some blow." Um random and NO THANKS! Life is so different in other places!!

We had such a great time on our cruise! I didnt take many pics, I got super side tracked by all of the crazy drunk people!! It was so fun to spend the weekend with Todd! The islands in the Bahamas are beautiful and the water is so blue and clear! I slept a lot on this vacay and I dont think I realized how EXHAUSTED I was! The boat just rocked me to sleep! The weather was a little rainier than we had hoped but it was still so fun! Thanks Todd for the amazing trip!!! Thanks Robert and Kathleen for coming and watching our kids! It made it so much more relaxing to know our kids were in good hands! The kids had so much fun and can't get enough of their grandparents! I am sold on the idea of couples taking vacations without their kids at least once a year! I love my kids and missed them a ton but I loved hanging out with my husband and having his undivided attention for 5 whole days!!! I cant wait to see what trip is next!


Nate and Jessica said...

Every time I see you I forget to ask about the trip!!! It looks awesome. We have never done something like that.

katesmith said...

It looks beautiful! So glad you got to go. We were soaking up all the "SUNSHINE" in vegas...That is why there wasn't enough for you. The kids were great and we loved being able to spend a few days with them. No wonder you were exhausted...It brought back many memories of just how busy you are every minute with 3 kids and getting them everywhere they need to go. You needed a well deserved rest!! You guys look great. Thanks for trusting us with your precious cargo!!!

The Smith's said...

Your trip looked absolutely georgeous!!! I love your swimsuit's too:) How fun for you guys! The video of Brody and Chan Surfing is hilarious! I love when they use there imaginations too. Way to go dressing up this year. Todd looks sweet with an afro! You are one sexy mama in your 70's get up:)

Cassidy & Shawn Marshall said...

wow it looked like so much fun. Shawn and I need to go on a trip soon- being a mom is a crazy hard job and i only have 2 so you are amazing. you look great by the way as always!