Friday, December 16, 2011

Chandler Soccer 2011

"The Stormers"

Chan had a great season and I was so impressed with how well he played. He drained us because we paid him for every goal!! He had so much fun playing on a team with Grant and Boston! Here are some pics from the last game! It was a double-header so they were pretty exhausted!! This is definitely one of the highlights of motherhood! I loved going to his games and cheering him on! I look forward to all the future games!!

Some of the team didn't show up so they let Brody play one game! He did awesome! I was so surprised how aggressive he was and even though he fell every other step he still got up and kept playing!!

Soccer Taco



katesmith said...

We LOVED watching you play soccer. You are an amazing player for only 5. Great job!! We will have to come and watch you next season Brody. Keep up the hard work!

The Smith's said...

Chan--you look like you really played like a champ!! It would be so fun for you and Ty to be on the same team... Wish we lived closer. You looked as cute as ever in your uniform!

Wardleclan said...

Chan you are so handsome out there! Way to go! I hope I make it to a game next year~