Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Halloween Weekend...

We had such a fun Halloween weekend. Todds parents came down to celebrate with us. Chandler was a "cowboy" and Brody was a lion. On Friday Grant had a birthday party, he turned 3! I cant believe how fast the time goes. Chandler loved hitting the pinata and popping the balloons. After the fun party we went out trick or treating. Chandler made me very upset because he refused to put his costume on, so we just looked like a white trash family begging for candy!! But needless to say he had a lot of fun. It was so cute to hear him say trick or treat and then very politely say Thank You! On Saturday Chandler had the opportunity to go to the Drag races in Las Vegas with Todd, Cody and his grandpa Bob. He was so excited!! When he woke up he said " Im going to the races and I am going to see Lightning McQueen." When we got to Jays house he jumped in Roberts truck and wouldn't get out until they left. He did not want to miss a thing. He kept his ear plugs on so good and had a blast. I am sure he ate more crap then I would approve of but I guess thats the perk of spending the day with your grandpa! For me it was a very nice day. We went shopping and to lunch and rented a movie..a very much needed break! It was fun to spend the weekend with Todds family. As for Brody..I feel like I dont talk about him as often, because sad to say he just isn't as entertaining as my little Chan Man! But I just love to watch him growing and changing. He is so interactive and fun! He is now scooting/crawling. He gets up on all fours and crawls for a second but then drops to scoot! He is just growing up so fast. Last week I bought one of those play mats that the babies can lay on and see all the thing I know hes crawling!! He is now 6 months old. At his appt he weighed a whopping 18 pounds!! He is just so squishy and cute! I love to just hold him and I am so grateful he will still cuddle with me! He is the happiest little man and is always laughing or smiling at something..usually Chandler. He loves his big brother and just cant get enough of him!

The cutest, most squishy, most smiley lion ever!

This is Chandler when he was 8 months! Arent hand-me downs the best?!

Brody playing in the Exersaucer!

Enjoying My Ice Cream Cone

Chan says "Sshh, I am watching the races."

Todd and Chandler at the races in Las Vegas
No exaggeration, Chandler has worn this shirt everyday since
Saturday! Thanks Grandpa Bob!!



It looks like Chandler had a ton of fun at the races. Holy crap that ice cream cone was bigger than him. Can you believe how fast our boys are growing??? It is crazy!

Wardle Clan said...

What cute pictures of Chan at the races... hly cow... Brody and Chandler look like twins in that lion costume! I love it! You really do have squishy cute chubby little boys! We love ya.. it was a lot of fun on Saturday... next time we will send HAllee!

The Smith's said...

Rikki- I had to laugh at the eating more crap than you know part. I love that Grandparents can do that. It sounds like he was in his heaven there. As for Brody. I can't believe he is already crawling! Now you're going to know what it's like chasing 2. He looked adorbale in his little lion costume. What a fun weekend. Thanks again for our Halloween treats:) Brooke

NAT said...

What handsome little boys you have. Brody looks so loveable in that lion costume. I agree with Jay -he and Chandler look like twinners. I'm glad you guys had a great weekend.

P.S. Love the "Thriller," song. It's too bad M.J. is such a weirdo now - he made some great music.

j said...

Brody is getting so big, he now weighs more than Hayden and he's crawling, wow!! I love that little lion costume, they both made the cutest lions ever. Chandler looks so grown up in those pictures at the races, what a little cutie!

Ashley and Cody said...

Your pictures are adorable and I can't believe how much Chandler liked the races. That cracks me up about him not wanting to take off his tshirt. Brody looks so adorable in his costume. He looks so much like a little boy. We can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks. We put an offer in on a house so we'll see what happens in the next few days!!