Monday, November 2, 2009


Last Friday Brody woke up covered in throw up and just not acting himself. I told Todd I was taking the day off so he wouldn't have to go to a babysitters. After about an hour I realized something was really wrong with him because he wasn't moving around or even jabbering like he normally does. He just laid on my bed and he was throwing up EVERYTHING I tried to give him. So I took Chandler to Jays and took Brody to the doctor. It was a rough trip just getting him there. He threw up in the car..on me at the doctor 2 times..and had 2 blow outs! So the PA came in and said she was just going to give him some medication and send us home. She told me to watch for signs of dehydration. I was confused because I thought it looked pretty darn obvious he WAS dehydrated. He had all the symptoms she told me to watch for. I asked if I could have another doctor look at him and when the doc came in she immediately said I needed to get him to the pediatric unit ASAP. I was so grateful I listened to my "motherly instincts." cuz I just knew something wasn't right. I called my dad to meet me there and give him a blessing cuz Todd couldn't leave work. I had a meltmdown and eventually I pulled myself together and checked him into the hospital. It took them 3 hrs to get an IV in him because his veins were collapsed from the dehydration. I am so thankful my dad came and held Brody down while they tried to get the IV in because I really couldn't stand to watch. He was so good to stick around and support me cuz Todd was at work!! I am lucky to have such an amazing family. Jay kept Chandler for the day and my mom sat in the waiting room and kept me company while I waited and she watched Chandler all night. As soon as they got the IV in Brody started to come around. He slept for about 4 hrs and when he woke up he was a completely different child. His coloring was back and he was his cheery little self! I love you Brody and I am so happy to have your sweet amazing personality back!!!

Brody was in heaven as soon as they gave him a popsicle. He LOVES posicles and he was so happy to hold 1 in each hand.

I felt so bad for Brody cuz he kept wanting a drink but we didn't dare let him drink cuz he would throw it all up. So he would try to drink any drop that was left of his pedialyte.

They finally got the IV in his foot. But now his little arms are all bruised from them trying and trying an trying to find a vein.

Chandlers new shiner...
Not the first and DEFINETELY not the last I am sure. This weekend Chandler went to the drag races with Robert. He looks forward to this weekend with his grandpa all year long. He loves to go and spend time with Robert. He wasn't feeling well but he sucked it up cuz there was NO way he was missing the races. He went Friday and had a great time!! On Saturday they stopped at the McDs in Mesquite to have lunch. Kathleen called me to give me some bad news...I thought Chan had pooped his pants cuz he had diarrea..but worse..He had fallen in the play land and cut his eye open! Luckily he missed his eye and cut right to the side of it. But that wasn't stopping him from the races. They continued on to Vegas and promised to have him back within 12 hrs so if he needed stitches they could still do them. When he got home I took him to my neighbor who is a PA to see if he needed stitches and he said we could just put a butterfly on it. Luckily Grandma Kate know quite a bit about doctoring up a wound cuz I didn't have a clue. She fixed him up good and he is doing wonderful!! His eye just turned a little black and blue but its nothing we're not used to!
I love my boys but these little Dr visits are occuring a little to often!! I hope they both make it to 5!! I love you Chan and Brody!!


katesmith said...

It makes me so sad to see how sick Brody looked in the hospital! He is always such a happy little guy! I hate it when they can't get the IV in and their little arms get so bruised! We are glad to see you doing better and your happy little self again. You are one handsome little guy! Chan Man scared me to death! These facial lacerations bleed like crazy and it was hard to stay calm when I saw him covered with blood. Chan, I'm so glad you like the races as much as your Grandpa Bob! He says you are a lot more fun to take to the races than us women. I hope your eye heals up good! It was great to be with all of you! I love how excited Chandler is for little Stella. Thanks for the fun weekend!
We never got to see the Halloween costumes for the boys! Send us a picture. My Mom and Dad saw Chandler's super man costume and they said, Boy does that fit him!!

Ashley and Cody said...

Your boys are the cutest little guys. That is SO sad Brody got so sick. I'm so glad you took him in and everything turned out ok. He looks so sick just sitting there. Poor little Chan, my mom told me what happened. I'm sure my dad loves him coming to the races with him just as much as he does. I love the Halloween costumes. Your boys looked adorable. That is so funny about Brody not liking his. We love you guys so much. Hope you had a happy Halloween!!

NAT said...

Poor little fellas! These pictures made me sad. I'm glad that they're both doing better.

Shannon said...

Oh I'm so sorry. That is awful. We went through that with Cambri last year! I don't wish it upon anyone its no fun! Glad he is better.

shawfamily said...

Seriously it made me so sad to read your stories ... you poor mom haha and your poor sweet little boys.. I'm glad we all make it through the hard days and live some how haha.. I"m so sorry! Glad everyones ok congrats again I"m so happy you get your little girl now you'll love havin both they're both so different and so fun!