Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

Because we knew Chandler was going to the Drag races with grandpa bob we celebrated on the 20th when our ward did their trunk or treat. Chan wore his costume all day and we just told him it was Halloween.

Our "happy" little pirate!!

Brody was not a fan of dressing up. By the end of the night he had no bandana, no earring and no eye patch. He just looked like white trash in a cut off with a tattoo!!

Super Chan..
Chandler LOVED his costume. He wore/wears it all the time. He wore it to bed for like 3 nights after we got it. He loved trick or treating and didn't think there was enough cars at our trunk or treat.

Britni and her girls, Olivia and ZeZe, came to our trunk or treat. It was fun playing all of the games with them and seeing them in their adorable costumes.

On Halloween Day Brody and I just hung out at home while Chan went to the races. The trick or treaters starting coming around 5:30. Our neighborhood must've been the hot spot cuz we ran out of candy by 7! And believe me I had bought a ton in hopes of having lots of left overs:) We had to turn off our lights and tell the idiots that still came to our door we had no more candy!!
Chandler had a blast at the races with Robert and he is so lucky to have such a fun grandpa who will take him for the day and spoil him rotten!! He had so much fun and is already preparing for next year and saving up for a race car shirt!!


Wardleclan said...

I was showing Hallee all the blogs (before you posted yours) and she was telling me after what everyone was for Halloween and then she stopped and said... what was brody... and I said I don't know, I knew Chan was Super Man... and a dang cute one... but I had no clue what brody was... so cute!!! I am glad he is back to being himself! What a scary thing to think they almost sent you home when he ws that dehydrated! I didn't know Chans eye went black and blue... that was so scary for me to find him up there with blood everywhere! It is still a mystery to what he hit his eye on!

NAT said...

Happy Halloween! The boys look great! Sounds like our neighborhoods are the complete opposite (we didn't have that many trick-or-treaters), as I had to send some of our leftover candy (and there's a lot of it) with Eric, to work. I already have too many temptations in this house and don't need more candy on top of it.


Cute super Chan and pirate. That is cool that you had alot of trick or treaters, no one does that here, i miss the small town stuff for sure. Oh that just breaks my heart to see poor little brody in the hospital. I am glad he is ok and safe at home now. Miss you cant wait to see you. We will be up this weekend just me and the boys, we will have to get together.

katesmith said...

Chan, I Love your Super Man costume. You look awesome! Brody is adorable too, but they just don't get into dressing up at that age, especially with a bandana on his head! Brittany sure has some pretty girls. I love their pretty skin!