Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The family at Jumping Jacks

Todds sister Ash came to visit for a week and it was so fun to spend time with her and her kids. Chandler had a blast riding four-wheelers, going to the park and having sleepovers with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Kate.


Chandler and Lexi at Jumping Jacks

The Polar Express
On Thanksgiving Weekend we went up to the Heber Creeper and rode the "Polar Express." Chandler has watched that movie at least 3 times a week since last Christmas and loves anything to do with the Polar Ex. It was fun to make his little dreams come true and take him on the train. I would pay any amount to see the pure joy in his eyes and the way he lit up when he got to climb aboard. Our whole drive up there he was singing the "Hot Chocolate" song and he couldn't quit talking about how excited he was. I got him some slippers and he would leave them by his bed every night just in case the Polar Express came to pick him up! I also had him a robe made with his own name on it. He thought it was awesome and it was fun that they were able to wear their pajamas on the train ride. He was so happy that he got his own ticket and his very own bell from Santas sleigh!!

Chandler was so EXCITED when Santa Clause came on the train

It was fun to share the experience with Grandma Kate
I think he was in shock that this experience was ACTUALLY happening

...All Aboard...

Brody was pooped but he didn't want to give up his Hot Chocolate mug


Wardleclan said...

I'm glad you got pics... I just got my dads Memory Card in the mail so I can get some more pics from the polar express! Thanks so much for getting Hallee the robe and slippers! She loves them!

katesmith said...

Rikki, Thanks so much for getting the tickets and arranging the Polar Express. It was fun to watch the kid's faces and the kids look so darn cute in their pajamas and robes!
Thanks for spending time with us in St.George. It was fun to have the kids together and they loved the sleepovers!