Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Fun

Chandler and Olivia playing in the leaves

Snow Day with Dad
Todd had the day off today so we took the boys and went sledding in Pine Valley. I am so thankful for such an amazing husband who is so willing to do whatever he can to make the boys and I happy! We had such a fun day just hanging out as a family! I love how much my boys LOVE their dad. From the second they wake up until he gets home they are asking when he is going to be home! Maybe its because I am a lazy prego mom:) It was cute tonight while Todd was pushing them on the swings Chandler told Todd, "Dad, I like it when your here!" They are so lucky to have such an amazing dad!!

Todd and Brody..Brodys not such a huge fan of the snow..He kept saying Cold Cold..

Chandler LOVES the snow! He kept falling off the sled on purpose and picking the biggest piles of snow to jump and climb thru!

We wanted to see what little Stella would look like in a few years so we made Brody wear a pink snowsuit!! Not really, its the only one we could find!!
I had to post this picture cuz when we were decorating our tree we realized we didn't have an angel to put on top of it. Chandler so willingly volunteered his angel from his nativity set! A little tacky but at least hes getting the concept!


Janette said...

I love the angel, So cute of him to do that. I was wondering who the girl was in the snow suit and then I read the rest of the post..ha ha! love it! looked like fun.

Wardleclan said...

Hey... purple is the new blue... ha ha it fit him perfectly... hallee so the pic and said "hey that's mine, mom boys don't wear girl clothes." :)

Ashley and Cody said...

Oh, what cute, cute pics of your boys and the angel made me laugh so hard. Chandler has such a big heart and there is no place Lexi and Trey would rather be than with her cousins!! Chandler is still Treys favorite person. The pics of the Polar express are adorable. I'm so glad you guys got to experience it at least once. WE miss you guys so much!! can't wait to see you guys at Christmas

The Smith's said...

Rikki~ I love the picture of Brody in the pink ourfit. I guess we know what Stella will look like and she'll be adorable just like the other two. I love that you have snow. I wisho we would get some always feels more like Christmas. Todd looks like they had so much fun together. The angel is hilarioius. Is it still on the tree??? The Polar Express looks like fun. Wish we could have been a part of that. Thanks again for the nice package you sent. You are the nicest aunt in the world!!!

katesmith said...

The pink snowsuit is hilarious! The thing is, Brody is cute enough to be a girl! Most girls would die to have his eyelashes! Chan Man loves the snow more than anyone! Was it warmer in pine Valley than Wyoming? Great pictures... The angel is the sweetest thing. Good job Chan Man!