Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A day to journal about..

Sunday night: My kids were bathing in the jetted tub and Chandler turned on the jets before there was enough water...therefore water squirted ALL over the bathroom...

2:00 AM-- Brody wakes up covered in throw up! We didn't have our washer and dryer plugged in yet so I had to head to my parents to do laundry!

4:00 PM-- Todd and my dad plug in washer and dryer. I am ecstatic to get caught up on laundry! I start a batch and the water plug comes out of the washer and water is going everywhere. I can no longer fit in such a small space considering I am 38 weeks prego so I stand there in shock as water fills the laundry room. Thank goodness for the drain in the middle of the room! I do eventually get the washer pulled out and everything cleaned up thanks to my shower squigee and huge swim towels!!

7:00 PM-- I have finally cleaned up the house and start the dishwasher! I notice there is a little blue stuff in the dispenser but I assume it is Jet Dry and start it anyway. Apparently it was Dawn soap..not Jet Dry! Thanks big helper Chan!! It is just like the movies when soap suds are just spilling everywhere and they won't stop!!!

Talk about major contractions after kneeling down cleaning up these messes all day!! But it sure is nice to have a spotless house!!

9:30 PM-- I am finally getting a shower, Todds DEAD asleep, and I assume the kids are in their beds where I laid them down. I get out of the shower and hear Chandler crying. I ask Todd what the problem is and he has no clue. I go to check on Chan and he is laying on his pillow covered in blood! Apparently he had gotten up and on his way back to bed hit the wall and fell on his bed frame! My dad luckily could butterfly it back up nicely, but really could he have anymore scars on his face?

4:00 AM--More throw up from the Brodster!!

As terrific as this day was I wouldn't change the opportunity I have to be a mom for anything!! As annoying as cleaning up these messes was I am so grateful to have a place to live and that my husband has a good job and our kids are still alive, barely, and healthy, kind of. Brody is feeling so much better and I am so glad to have my little guy back to normal. I love my boys and I can't wait for my little Stella to get here! my boys are so excited and I love how they rub my belly and Brody can even say Stella and if you ask him if he wants a sister he says YES, which is a miracle cuz he says NO to everything else you ask him!!

I just have to add this funny story about Chan cuz it reminds me how even among the bad days there are always funny things that brighten my day.

--We moved and our dryer is gas but the new place only has electric hook ups so we didn't have our washer hooked up for a few days. We had the cable guy over to hook up the cable, so important of course, Anyway he was having trouble hooking up the TV and Chandler came over and said, " Maybe it is a gas TV!!"

--Chandler tells me he want to go to the Dinosaur museum and I tell him we have to wait until Todds day off because he runs away and mom is to big to chase him. So I need todd to help babysit. He responds with, " Dad doesn't help babysit. I can just run away from to!"

--I tell Chandler I am going to put a lock on his closet because he keeps climbing to the top of it and pulling his clothes off the hangers. He tells me, " I know where the ladder is and I will jsut unlock it."

What a little smart @$$!

I love you Chan! You always have something witty to say that makes me laugh and reminds me how smart you are and how you REALLy do listen far better than I think.


The Smith's said...

Oh my heck Rikki~ What a day from hell! I loved the stories. I love the Chan-man. He just makes life so fun! I loved watching the family video and everytime his little picture came up of him I just started cracking up just because he is so dang hilarious! There is just something about that kid that makes you want to smile!!!! I can't wait for him to get here next week. Ty and Taylor are so excited they keep asking if today is the day. I can't wait for Stella to get her. Her and Addi are going to be little buds! Keep the funny stories coming. I can just see Chan-man being a little smart A$%. When he is like that it's hard not to laugh!

Cassidy & Shawn Marshall said...

I cant believe that is just one day! oh my what things I have to look forward to soon right? hahha being a mom will be so much fun. i love all your stories-

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Goodness Gracious Girl! What a day. Fun to read your blog post though. . ;o)

Wardleclan said...

And your not in labor yet??????????????? That is so funny... my favorite was the comment about the gas tv... he is too smart for his own good! Tell him thanks so much for helping yesterday. The boy has super MAN powers.... he seriously could lift more rocks in the shovel then I could!

katesmith said...

You just gave me a great laugh for the day!! I only knew about two of the messes and I thought that was plenty!! Stella probably is just waiting until everything is settled and calm!! If that didn't throw you into labor, I don't think the castor oil will work. Good thing you have a good sense of humor. Chandler never ceases to amaze me. He is one unique little guy who always puts a smile on your face. If we keep that energy channeled in the right direction, there will be no stopping him. Is he going to be 4 on Feb. 4th or 14?????

NAT said...

Wowza. The day from hell. Good thing you're patient and can laugh it off.

I'm so excited for little Stella to arrive. I love the name and I just know she's going to be beautiful. I can't wait! You should post some prego pics.

Are you still "Keeping up with the Kardashians?" I've watched the last couple of episodes and Scott keeps getting uglier to me. Maybe it's because he's a chauvinistic pig who is pretty much worthless with it comes to helping out. So, because I think he's ugly now (not to mention, I hate it when he wears those lame sweaters tied around his neck), you can't say he looks like Eric anymore or I'll be offended. LOL. :)

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

haha SUCH A CRAZY DAY... you have the funnest blog to read probably cause chandler is HILARIOUS... you do awesome