Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Chandler!

I cant believe you are actually 4 years old! I can't believe you've survived this long! Chandler I love you so much and I am so proud and happy to be your mom! I hope you are having the best birthday ever with your dad in Portland! I can only imagine the look on your face when that airplane took off!! You were so anxious to fly and every time you saw a plane on our way to the airport you kept wondering if that was your plane and it was leaving you and dad behind! You are the light of my life and to be honest, today has been a little bit boring without you running around. Brody has missed you so much and has been wandering around the house saying "Chan, Chan." You have the sweetest spirit and more energy than anyone I know!! Here are a few facts about you!

You are the best big brother ever!! Brody and Stella are so lucky to have you as an example and friend to help take care of them!

You are very strong-willed. You never give up..NEVER! When there is something you want you are relentless!! I know this attribute will get you far in life!

You are hilarious! You are the life of the party and definetely the center of attention!

You are very selfless! You always think of others and want to buy everyone you know a treat if we are getting you one. You always think of others!

You have never ending energy! I don't know how I will ever keep up with you! Joel said it best when he said, "Chandler doesn't nap, he just recharges."

You have an incredible sense of humor. You keep us laughing even if we are trying to get mad at you!

You love the outdoors! You love to play in the snow and ride your bike, without training wheels! Way to go!

You have an amazing memory! If I ever lose anything you usually know right where to find it...probably cuz you're the one who hid it! You remember so many facts and little details.

You are very organized. When we moved into our house you wanted a shoe rack so all of your shoes could be lined up like mine. Your toys are always in a specific place and order! It makes my job of a clean house much easier!

You are inquisitive. You ask a lot of questions.

You have a beautiful smile! Your eyes light up when you smile!

You are DARING! To put it mildly. You will try anything! You have no fear!

Chandler there are so many things I love about you! I am so glad you are my little boy! I love when you stop me and say, "Mom, I love you." It makes my day and I remember how lucky I am to have you! I love that whenever I ask you how much I love you you stretch your arms as far as they can stretch! And that is the truth! I love you more than you will ever know!

You and Dad getting ready to fly to Portland.

You begged to go to Chucke Cheese for your birthday and since we were in Las Vegas we decided to take you!


The Smith's said...

Rikki~ We are so happy we got to spend Chan-mans b-day with him. You are right...he is the life of the party and you can't help but love the kid! He and the kids are getting along great and having a lot of fun together. Thanks for letting him come....he's keeping my kids entertained. He's going to be great to Stella! We are so excited to see and meet her. I hope you are feeling ok. Hang in there! Don't go having a baby on us while your husbands gone:) Can I just say that you and I married awesome boys. Todd is so helpful around here! Let me just tell you not all husbands are as helpful as ours. We lucked out:)

katesmith said...

I agree with Joel about Chandler not sleeping, but recharging. Everything you said about him is so true. There is no way to keep from smiling when he walks into the room with that contagious smile!! How lucky Chan, to be able to go on your first airplane ride at only 4 years old!! Thanks for your help digging at Jay and Cody's. They said you are one strong little guy! We love you so much Chan Man.

shawfamily said...

Hey just checkin up on you ... wonderin if you've had that baby yet:) hope you're feelin ok... I wanna bring you dinner one of these days when you have your baby so i'll keep chekin back!

NAT said...

Happy Birthday, Chan Man! Thanks for coming to stay with us the other night. You slept better than anybody else! It was fun going to story time and playing with you. I can't wait to meet baby Stella.

P.S. Rikki, Brooke is correct. Not all husbands are as helpful as yours. I should know! LOL.