Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chandler--4 years old
Chandler is growing like a weed and becoming his own little man! He is in preschool and LOVING it! He makes it a goal each day to make sure his name stays on the "good" side of the board! He loves going to the park, as long as it has monkey bars! He loves to swim and do just about anything that keeps him busy! He is playing soccer and doing awesome! He has scored 2 goals! He wears his cleats and shin guards everywhere we go!! He always has a plan and an idea for something he wants to do and he will figure out any way possible to get you to see things his way! He loves the drag races! He is so full of life and energy! We love you Chan!

I used to hate freckles until I met this handsome little guy!!

When we went to Bear Lake we got to go see my friend Melissa and her family! They were so nice to let all the kids come see their animals! They had chickens, cows, goats and horses! Shawn and Jayden were so awesome to walk the kids around and give them horse rides! I think Chandler is definetly a born cowboy!

We had so much fun at Bear Lake! Wish I had more pics:( Chan was packed for months in advance! I would look for something of his and I could always find it in his Bear Lake suitcase!

Chandler at U-Swirl! A fun place where you pay for your yogurt by the ounce and add whatever toppings you want! Luckily it usually ends up gross and the kids dont actually eat it!!

We spent A LOT of time at the pool this summer! Chandler learned to swim with no floaties!!
Chandler loves to dive and do cannon balls! He even jumped off of the HIGH dive at the Hurrican pool!! Way to go Chan!

I always thought it was a lie when they said to keep your kids away from your blinds because they could strangle themselves...I WAS WRONG! The other day Chandler was playing on the couch and we told him to get down. About 5 seconds later he is sitting on the ground saying his neck hurt. I told him thats why we don't climb on the couches. Then we see the big welt! Yikes! He said he had the cord wrapped around his neck and slipped! I am so glad it was just off the couch, not his bunk bed or something higher! So can really happen!


Chandler is the best big brother! Brody wants to be just like Chan! Chandler is always looking out for Brody and teaching him his techniques to get out of trouble and hide from us! He is so protective of Stella and is so helpful if I ask him to get anything for her!

Me and my little man! I cant believe how fast time is flying! It seems like I just barely had you Chan! You are my best friend! You have the strongest personality and I know we disagree A LOT! But I love you so much! I am so happy to be your mom! I love watching you grow and excel in all you do! Keep your head strong attitude and you will be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to! I love you!

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NAT said...

Way to go in soccer, swimming and school, Chan Man! Sorry to hear about your little blind cord incident. Ouch! You're a good kid!