Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brody--2 years old
Brody is also growing like crazy! Mid-summer I had to buy him all new clothes because all of a sudden his little gut was hanging out of all his shirts! Brody is turning in to the funniest little guy! He loves to make us laugh, especially Stella! He loves to follow Chandler around and do anything he is doing! He adds "baby" to the end of everyones name! He always says "OK baby" to me! He is such a sweet heart and always giving the best hugs and kisses! He will turn to me and just say "I Love you". Melts my heart! He is in gymnastics and doing really well. He is like a little monkey on the bars! He spent a lot of time swimming this summer and even attempted without floaties a few times! He loves the water and would bathe for hours if I let him!
Brody is such an easy going boy and is definetly the peace maker in our home!

Brody at the family reunion! He loves painting rocks!

Brody and Quigley! Quigley ate his sandwich right out of Brodys hands the first time we went swimming and so from then on Brody was afraid of Quigley! By the end of the summer they were good buds!
Brody LOVES his dad! He always follows Todd around asking him if he has to go to work! We had a lot of fun swimming with dad on his days off!

Brody had a blast at Bear Lake! He loved digging in the sand and spending time with all ofhis cousins!

Brody LOVES 4-wheelers! Thanks Jayden for all the rides!

Picking up seashells at Bear Lake!

Brody likes to go to Chans soccer games! He loves to cheer for Chandler! He even brought his yellow shirt so he could be like the team!
OH Brody!!! I love being your mom! I love all of the hugs and kisses you give me! I love the sweet spirit you bring into our home. You help keep us all balanced! Youre the best little boy and I love you so much! I look forward to watching you grow and change and become your own person! There is so much in store for you! Choose the Right and you will suceed! I love you, Brod!

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NAT said...

Brody, you are such a little cutie. I heard that you had to get glasses. If you ever need to talk about that, or if/when you get called "four eyes," just call up Aunt Nat and I'll make you feel better. That, and tell me who called you names and I'll cruise on down to Vegas and whoop some bully booty. Hee hee. I bet you look really cute in them!