Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stella K Smith
Stella was born February 12, 2010! She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 20 inches long! I was so excited to have a little girl! She was born with a ton of dark hair and was a beautiful baby! We love you Stella and are so glad you are a part of our family!
A few things about Stella:
She is a very mello baby, very easily entertained
She doesn't smile real often
She is no longer taking a bottle!!!
She has 3 teeth and about 4 coming in:(
She will fake cry, even if she is not hurt, just to get Brody in trouble
She has become an excellent eater
She loves her brothers
She loves to climb the stairs
She can give high-fives
She will wave "bye-bye"
She will point her finger and say "no,no"
She says Mom and Dad
She says "don't"
She will clap crazily if you say Hooray or Yay
If she is holding a baby she must pat its back
If you cough---She coughs
She is starting to babble but I am certain her next words will be "Its wedgie Time"

Stella at 2 weeks

Stella at 8 months

Stella at 11 months

This is me when I was a baby and the bottom picture is Stella at 8 months old. I think Stella looks a lot like me. It may not be a horrible thing but I can guarantee there will be some really akward teen years :(

The Big "1"

We just had some family and friends over for cupcakes to celebrate her big day!

Stella with Grandma Kay and Grandpa Rick

Our happy little family
--Stellas future bodyguards--
Chan, Boston, Owen, Logan,Grant

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you

Stella burned her hand on the candle and was terrified of her cupcake!
I literally had to shove the cake in her mouth for her to realize she liked it!
After the candle incident she actually enjoyed the cupcake!

Me and my sweet baby girl
Oh Miss Stella, how I love being your Mom! You're such a sweet little girl! I hope you remain that way, on the inside as well as on the outside. I hope you remember you are a daughter of God! And you have great potential. I want the best of everything for you! I am sure at some point you will dislike me and think I am so weird, which is partly true, but I hope you know that I will always have your best intrests in mind. You are a beautiful girl and have stunning features but I hope you remember true beauty lies within! I hope I can teach you to love others and have a giving heart. You are so lucky to have so many examples in your life and I hope you cherish the relationships you have with your grandmas and aunts, they will teach you so much! Your brothers love you SOOOO much! They will be available, with my permission, to beat up any guy who makes you sad! Stella you are amazing and I am so happy to have you as a daughter! I hope we can stay close. There is such a special bond between you and I. I love you so much Stella Bella Boo!!!


katesmith said...

I love your sense of humor that you slip in. It always makes me laugh! Stella K, you are a gorgeous little girl. I can't believe how much you look alike. The candle video is hilarious. I am so glad she will have her brothers to always protect her. Stella, you will be a lucky little lady if you grow up to be like your Mom. (both inside & out) Happy Birthday Stella....We love you so much!

Ashley and Cody said...

I LOVE all the adorable pictures, and I can't believe what a clone STella is of you. She is one lucky girl if she gets your looks!! Beautiful like mommy! Stella is such a sweet little girl, and you guys have such a great family. We LOVED having you out here and wish you would consider moving down this way. We would be SUPER duper happy. I loved being able to hold Stella, and your boys are just the sweetest little guys. You and Todd have done a great job. My kids had so much fun with Chan and Brody. Happy birthday beautiful Stella! I love all of Chan's pictures. He really is the most thoughtful little boy, and so sweet! Can't believe how fast our kids are growing up!

NAT said...

Happy Birthday, Stella! You are a true beauty just like your Mom. I'm not surprised how similar your baby pictures are. She looks just like you, Rikki! Lucky, lucky girl!

That video is funny, yet, sad at the same time. She's probably thinking, "Um, I just burned my freaking hand and you people are standing around singing some lame song and then clapping at the end? I'm in pain here!" :)

Janette said...

such a cute post!! love her and cannot believe how fast she is growing. So glad we live close to see her as often as we do.