Thursday, March 3, 2011

AriZona Trip
We decided to pack up and head to AZ for a few days! The weather was beautiful and we ended up staying a few extra days because we were having so much fun! We got to do a lot of fun stuff while we were there. We went to Amazing Jakes, the bounce house, the park, dinner (just adults), made Smores and played on the swing set for a LONG time. It was fun to see the Nielson family and spend time with them. I am so glad that our kids got along so great. I really like AZ and I am trying to convince Todd that it would be a nice place to live!!
We got to go to Dr Codys office and have our dental work done. Cody is a great dentist and thankfully, very gentle! HE did great with the kids and I would say it was worth the drive to see someone you trust and are comfortable with. He has a beautiful office and all of the latest equipment! Totally worth it! Thanks Cody!

Way to go Chan! No cavities! As for me, a different story.

Creepy picture off Todd having his teeth whitened!

Chan had so much fun at the bounce house! He put on this suit and then you could run and jump onto the velcro wall!

Mister Thrill Seeker

--Lexi and Chandler--

--Korver and Ashley--

Todd with the boys. I wish I would have video taped this experience! Todd went to jump onto the velcro and totally racked himself! It was so funny!!
--Stella and Korver--

Riding "The HOpper" at Amazing Jakes! Trey and Chan are quite the thrill seekers, Lexi and Brody not so much!

--Chandler and Lexi--
--Brody and Trey--
Todd and I. We spent Valentines day in AZ, at none other than Amazing Jakes!! Todds on a roll with chucke cheese for my bday and Amazing Jakes for Vday!!! But it really was so fun and the kids had a blast!
--Trey on the train--
(He looks like he should be Todds child)

--Stella, Korver and Chandler--
Thanks Nielson Family for a fun week! We will definetly be back soon!!! At least in 6 months for a check -up:)


The Smith's said...

We need to go visit uncle Cody for a check up.. It would probably be cheaper even with flights and we'd get a vacation out of it too. You guys look like you had so much fun. I am jealous!! I can't believe how much Stella looks like your baby pics. Actually I can, cause she looks just like you now!! She is one beautiful little thing! Looks like she enjoyed her b-day just about as much as Addi. At least Stella tried and liked her cake. It's funny that one of Addi's first words was No no too. I think it's because they have older sibblings always saying it to them. Stella is going to be well watched out for with Chan and Brody at the helm. I loved looking at this post...your kids are growing up right before our eyes. I am glad that Chan and Ty get to be together this weekend. Wish we could have come!

Ashley and Cody said...

We LOVED having you guys here, and you are welcome ANYTIME!! We always love visitors, and it was so fun going out together (just the 4 of us) for Vday! You and Todd are so cute together, and are always making us laugh. Hopefully no more cavities when you come next time!! Your kids were awesome and we are so glad you took the time to come down and visit. Keep pushing Todd to come down this way!! We would sure love it.

NAT said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time. Hopefully I can head down south for a visit after the baby and the drama settles down a little bit.

You're not alone in the cavity department. I never had any until I started going to Eric's dentist and I think that dude filled every tooth in my mouth. Probably should have gotten a 2nd opinion after the 3rd or 4th filling in a row because I'm not that trashy...or am I? :)

Your baby pics are beautiful just like the grown up version. Never doubt how beautiful and stunning you really are, Rikki.