Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nascar Weekend
We had the awesome opportunity to go to Nascar this past weekend! These pictures aren't in any order but we had so much fun! Todds parents came and his brother Ryker from OR came with his son Ty! The kids had so much fun together! It was great to see Todds family and spend time with them! While they were here we drove down the strip to show the kids the lights and we took them to the FunDome at Circus Circus. Chandler and Ty had a blast riding all the rides! We tried to talk Ryk into a tramp stamp that said" Brooke" but he wouldn't go for for it! We are so glad we could spend the weekend together!

Me and Todds mom, Kathleen
We decided we don't love the races but we sure loved the free Diet Cokes in the suite!!

Todd, Me and Brody
The Brodster in his Sunday best
Janette, Nate and Boston
Todd got a wholde bunch of free tickets from work so Nate and Luke and their fams got to come also!

Boston was SO excited about his wristband
Chandler and Grandma Kate
Ty, Chandler and Brody on the car ride to the races

Kate with Ryker

Chandler on the Jet

Ty on the Jet ride

Chandler and Ty on the Frog Hopper
Ty and Chandler on the Crazy Train

This video is really jumpy but it was hard to video! And yes the girlie screams in the background are most definetely Ty and Chandler!

Robert, Brody and Ty

Just for memory sake I had to post a "patch"pic! He only wears his patch for a few hours a day and he is doing pretty good at it! I think someone made fun of him because he doesn't like to wear it to the gym, but he will wear it most anywhere else. The Dr says he sees a lot of improvement due to the patch! Hopefully we can prevent him from needing glasses forever!
My boys love the races! They love spending the weekend with their dad and their grandparents! What a fun tradition!
Brody: MOm, after my nap can we go to the races?
Mom: Nope, the races are over and there aren't more until April.
Brody: Don't you think it makes Jesus sad when we don't go to the races?
Another incident: Brody hits chandler...
Mom: Brody what did you do to Chandler?
Brody: He hit me and he kicked me and...etc
Mom: Brody, I didn't ask what Chan did, I asked what YOU did to Chandler?
Brody: Well, he hit me and he kicked me...etc
Mom: Brody. What did you do to Chandler?
Brody: I just can't figure it out.
Oh how I love my precious little boys! It was so fun to spend the weekend with you boys! I love seeing the excitement and pure pleasure on your faces when you get to do something you love! You are the most handsome little guys and I am so happy to be your mom! I love you!


katesmith said...

We sure had a fun weekend with you guys! It was just too short! You are right, the good food, good company, and the free diet cokes, made the races tolerable. I loved being with the kids and snuggling little Stella. I am so glad that Ryk and Ty were able to come. It made the road trip so much fun. Thank-You so much Todd for getting the tickets for us. We had a great time.

The Smith's said...

Sounds like you guys had such a fun weekend. Ty sure loved going to circus circus with Chan and being with you guys. It would be fun to live closer for those 2. Brody looks so cute in his little eye patch. You are looking like a hot mama these days!! Thanks for putting upu with Ryker and the boys for the weekend. Thanks for posting the pictures because Ryk didn't take very many:) They had a great time!

NAT said...

Such cute pictures! I'm glad you guys had a great weekend. Chloe was cracking up at the video of the boys on the ride.