Tuesday, March 29, 2011

--San Diego--

We did it! We finally took a vacation! Without the kids! Just the two of us! Held hands the WHOLE time! Ate great food! Amazing! Must do every year! Had a blast!

Todd and I went to San Diego for the weekend! We dropped our kids off Wed night and headed out early thurs morn! We stopped in Primm for breakfast and continued on our journey. The weather was beautiful and we had a ton of fun. We did some shopping and now Todd is addicted to TJ Maxx. We took a tour of San Diego and the Cabrillo National Park. We played in the tide pools. We went to Sea World and swam with the dolphins. We went to the temple. We went to Sea Side village. We saw a whole bunch of old ships and Air force stuff. We ate at some really good restaurants. Our hotel was amazing, I felt white trash just walking into this place. Thank you PRICELINE!! But most of all I just loved spending time with Todd. It was amazing how much we could accomplish without a stroller and our 3 adorable muchkins! I love my kids and I missed them a ton but I think every couple needs a vacation..ALONe! It was fun to just be together as husband and wife instead of mom and dad! I am so thankful I have such an amazing family who were willing to take my kids for me and I was able to go knowing they were in good hands! I am not sure my kids even missed us! Thanks Mom, Jess and Janette!

Playing at the beach--and NO we didn't each gain 20lbs..it is really awkward to take a pic of yourselves without getting a double chin!!!

Overlooking the San Diego bay--CAbrillo Nat'l Park

THese were cute little bikes that the college kids rent and take people on rides.

Walking in the Tidepools. These were so interesting to see how the little sea creatures live. We saw a lot of crabs and Clams.

WE took a tour of the San Diego harbor and then a boat ride out to see some sea lions and the Army base that was there. On this base they actually train dolphins and sea lions to be underwater spies...pretty cool!

On the pier. We saw a whole bunch of Dolphins swimming around!

Meeting Toby

Because Todd was able to get Sea World tickets for FREE we decided to splurge and swim with the dolphins. It was so fun! We figured since we didn't have the kids now would be the time to live out our dream!

I have never felt so betrayed!

I know, Sexy right?

Feeling Tobys heart beat!

My Eternal Companion

On Sunday before we headed home we decided to stop and see the San Diego Temple. It was gorgeous! I wish we could have gone in! I am so thankful for Todd and our eternal marriage! It was so fun to spend the weekend with him and be reminded of how much fun we have together!He is an amazing husband and father and I am so grateful I get to be married to him for eternity! It has been an amazing 7 years and I can't wait to see what is in our future!

Love you Babe!


Wardleclan said...

I AGREE!! Hawaii was the best and Cody and I said we were gonna do something like that every year... but Hawaii was 2 years ago... It looks like it was a lot of fun! I loved the video you texted of Stella walking! We can't wait to see her... Hallee can't wait to maul her either!

Mrs. Hill said...

bbbbaaaahhh!!! lol. this post made me aaaallllmost cry!!! i am so glad you guys had such a good time. you are great examples to us! you are so right that couple time is an absolute MUST. you guys look like newly weds in these pics and it makes me so happy!!!! :)

The Smith's said...

I am totally and completely jealous that you got to swim with dolphins. I didn't even know that was an option there. That has always been on my list of wants to do. How fun!!! It looks like you guys had a blast and the weather looked amazing. You and Todd are so cute together. Tell Todd he looks pretty sexy in those long, tight, seaworld nut huggers. Your 7 year getaway looks a lot more fun and promising then our 10 year getaway coming up???? Glad you guys had fun and I loved your picturs. You seriously are one beautiful girl!

katesmith said...

Todd & Rikki,
I am so happy that you went on a get away! I was just thinking of the day you two walked out of the temple on your wedding day, glowing , smiling, and so happy! It takes a lot of work to keep that feeling alive as kids come along and life takes over. I completely agree that couples need dates and time together alone! This looks like so much fun and makes me excited to go as couples in 2012! You are a beautiful couple!!

NAT said...

I'm so jealous but glad you had a great trip. San Diego is such a beautiful place and has one of the most beautiful temples. You guys look so great in your pictures!

Cassidy & Shawn Marshall said...

you are so lucky! but you guys deserve it! one of these days Shawn and I will go on a vacation....hhaahaha I can dream. your pictures are cute and I love the wet suits very hot :)

Shannon said...

What Fun!! Someday we will do that hopefully soon! :) Hey Rikki can I get Todd's phone number and email? When he sent his new number out I apparently did nothing with it. Oops. The class of 2001 is looking for him! :) ha ha (10 year reunion) How is Vegas?

Lara said...

Glad you guys were able to get away, and how awesome that you got to swim with the dolphins!

By the way, I found your blog through Sandy's, hope you don't mind. Check ours out at: www.heizzyfam.blogspot.com