Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beach Fun

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We had such a fun time at Bear Lake this year. We couldn't have asked for better weather and everyone got along great! What a great week and what great memories were created.

Yep the wagon can hold up to 1ooo lbs

Being buried in the sand was a huge hit!

Muscle man Chan! Seriously though, pecks at age 5??

Stella and Hallee

Todd and Chandler

Yes! I have an attitude already! Get used to it!

Stella loved being pulled around in the wagon!

My little beach hunks!

Everytime we walked past the playground Stella would ask to "wing"

Addi and Stella

Korver AKA Worver--Stella bossed this poor little guy around! One morning they were both in their pack-n-plays and I hear Stella yell at Korver, "Lay down Worver Lay Down"

Ashley and Korver

These 2 loved to be buried in the sand!

Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Belnap

Chandler soaking up the sun

Ryker and Grandma Belnap

Miss Stella loved eating the dirt, seriously, by the handful! And sadly, even by the shovel full!

Ty dog-diggity-dog

Brody digging in the sand!

--Just Because Shes Cute--

Stella was such a little trooper this year! She loved the beach and loved eating the sand. She did great to stay in the shade and nap whenever it was convenient for us! She is such a little sweetheart and I love her so much! She is talking so much and growing up way to fast! I love this video of her! I love you Miss Stella!

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