Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun times in 440-441
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Bear Lake was so fun this year! All of the kids got a long great! Considering there were 15 kids under the age of 6! There no real fights and the kids played so good together! I am so glad my kids have so many great cousins they can play with and who are such great examples to them. We had so many fun crafts to do and games to play! Thanks everyone for making it so fun!

Trey and Chandler

Ty and Brody

Chandler and Ty

Brody and Carter

Being Silly

Brody and Ty working hard

Thanks Carter for LOVING my craft!!!!

Ty and Brody

Chandler and Daxon

Brody and Daxon

All the kids on the 4-wheeler

Miniature Golfing and Gunny Sack Races

The Smith Family

Me and my boys

All of the kids being silly

Nice jumping Chandler

I will admit, Brody was the best competitor. He never won but he never gave up! He would come running in way after the other kids but he was so proud of himself!!! Way to go Brody!

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