Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Las Vegas Drive-In

(Probably not the safest place to see a movie)
Chandler has been begging to see the last "Spykids" movie. So we decided we would have one last Hurrah before school started and take the kids to the Drive-In to see it They had so much watching the movie outside on their camping chairs and eating their treats! We invited Grant and Logan to come with us! These boys all have so much fun together! Iam glad my boys have their cousins so close!

Brody and Chandler

Really Stella? Was the movie really that exciting?

BRody, Logan and Stella enjoying their ringpops!

Chandler and Grant

Brody and Dad enjoying the movie

All 5 kiddos

How you doing? Todds putting out the vibe for all of the "Drive-In" moms!

Me and my little lady! I love this little girl so much!!

This is one of Stellas favorite things to say. She always yells "mom, watch." anytime she does anything! She is getting so much personality and I love how much she is changing and growing!


Nate and Jessica said...

We went there! Such an "interesting" little place, but you gotta do it at least once!

katesmith said...

Brings back memories of going to the drive in with you guys! Looks like fun. You are lucky to have cousins so close by. I love Stella's video! She is so stinkin funny!

Cassidy & Shawn Marshall said...

Stella looks so much like you Rikki its so cute!

Wardleclan said...

Lookin Good TODD!!! Love the video of Stella. I was just telling my mom how much Stella remind me of Hallee... their personalities and how well they talked at such a young age... watch out... when she turns 5 she will think she can run the world! :)