Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rainy Days...

We had a crazy rain storm a few weeks ago and from the second they woke up my kids were begging to play in the rain! Today I decided to let them! We had so much fun! I love seeing my kids laugh with each other and enjoy life! They seem to have fun in any situation. Watching them made me remember to not take the little moments for granted. These kids are growing so fast and I dont want to pass up an opportunity to have fun with them!

Stella LOVED playing in the rain!

The boys had a blast riding their bikes in the puddles

I was surprised how much Brody loved the rodeo!

My little cowboy

Stella was trying so hard to see but she was so afraid to sit on the fence!

All the boys enjoying the show! They couldnt wait for the "Bucking Broncos."

Really cute kids...

Just because theyre cute!!!

The things kids say.....

Stellas eating dinner and she reaches her hand, with food in it, to the picture of Christ and says, "Want one Jesus?"

Brody smushed his finger in the door. Stella says, "Youre fine. Youre fine Brody."

Stella sings the Abc's up to the letter P, where she says L,M O PP.

We are trying to leave for the school open house and my kids have lost my other shoe. Brody tells me to just hop on one foot the whole time.

Anytime Stella sees a phone she says Happy Birthday like she is calling to wish someone a Happy Birthday! It is her fav song!

Chandler is constantly asking, "Which is cooler...?"

A girl in Chans class is copying him. Chandler tells the teacher, "She is trying to use my brain instead of her own."

I wish I kept better record of the things my kids say because they say some crazy stuff!! They can make any situation funny when they add their input! I love you kids and thanks for making motherhood so amusing!


Melani said...

Hi Todd and Rikki! I have to say that you two have the cutest kids! I FINALLY checked and updated my blog (from a year ago) and I saw your post, Todd! SO, so good to hear from you! Keep in touch! I miss my adopted Smith family! :)--Love, Mel

Melly Mae, Curt-dowg and B-$$ said...

I love this post. I need to hear Stella chat. I love the, "You want some Jesus?" quote. Lol. Brody always says the funniest things about Jesus too. You guys definately make beautiful babies. You should make a dozen!!! :):)

katesmith said...

Hey, maybe Todd should have checked out the new Fred Meyer store in Oregon that Ryker wanted him to if these kids love the rain!! It doesn't take much for kids to have a good time! You are right Rikki...They are the CUTEST kids. I love Chan and Brody's smiles Stella is a little doll. I am so glad you included the things they say. They crack me up!! That is a nicer way to say that someone is cheating, to say they are using your brain instead of theirs. We are excited to see the kids in a couple of weeks.

The Smith's said...

Your kids are CUTE!! are talking sooo well:) The rodeo looks like a blast:) My kids get to play in the rain if it's that fun for your kids you may as well move up here:) We miss you guys:)

Wardleclan said...

Love this post... because it catches your kids just being kids! I love it! I wish we would have hit up the rodeo... you know how I used to be up for anything and take my kids to everything... even when i babysat Your boys i would take them to costco or whatever... tI don't know what is wrong with me but I have become a LAME mom and when I heard Rodeo... i thought it sounded like a lot of work! haha Chan needs to be a Cowboy because he is so tough!!! Love you guys!

NAT said...

Your kids are so beautiful and I love all of their funnies!