Monday, January 30, 2012

--Snow Day--
I love that we can live in such a warm city and still have snow so close to us! Todd had the day off so we took the kids to Mt. Charleston for some sledding. It was really warm and the snow really was just ice that had melted and refroze. But the kids still thought it was amazing!! They had so much fun! I still love to see my kids just simply enjoying life. I love to see them just let loose and be kids!!! But NO this did not change my mind about moving to a place that has snow!


katesmith said...

I can tell Todd has been away from Wyoming way too long. I better get him some more snow boots! Looks fun... That is what was nice over Christmas, it was actually quite warm to be out sledding. That is my idea of winter fun!

katesmith said...

CONGRATS! to Todd for becoming a store director. We are proud of all your hard work Todd. Good luck with your new store. Hope it all goes well. You will do a great job.