Monday, December 1, 2008

I love Christmas..

About a week after Halloween I put up all of our "in the house" Christmas decorations!! I coudnt wait for the holidays to begin. But this past weekend we finally got our tree and Todd put up our lights! Thanks babe, they look awesome! Chandler was so excited to stand on the ladder and help his dad. I am so excited because Chandler actually knows what is going on this year and has been so cute picking out gifts for his friends and Brody! He told Santa he wants a scooter but we got him something WAY better that I cant wait to give him. Everytime he sees something he likes he will say, "lets ask Santa for that!" But besides that I love the holidays because I love the spirit that is in the air all month long. People tend to be more giving and kind. It makes me wish it could be Christmas all year long! last year my parents gave us each $100 and told us to think of someone in need and do something nice for them, so I went and shopped for myself!! No I am JOKING! But I cant say what we did becuase it is anonymous and something we hold close to our hearts! But I love this tradition and it teaches us and our children to think of others. My favorite Christmas quote is
"Christmas isn't about the presents, but about HIS presence."
I love it because that is what Christmas is really about. We need to lose ourselves in the service of others. Its funny how much better you feel when you do something for someone else. My mother in law had us watch the movie "Christmas Shoes" last night. It broke my heart to see this family losing their mother and and to see others so willing to help them. Sometimes we dont know the situation other people are in and the help that they are in need of. The Lord needs us to be his angels and help those in need. So this Chistmas I challenge myself and all of you to go the extra mile for somebody else. Be the answer to somebodys prayer. Step out of your comfort zone and get into the Christmas spirit! Forget the hustle and bustle and reflect on what is really important. True Joy comes from within and there is no better way to get that true joy than to serve others! I am so thankful for a husband who is always willing to serve others and helps me teach that to our boys. Sometimes we have Chandler help pull weeds for the neighbors and Chandler is so proud when he can help serve. I have so much to be thankful for and my family is definetly my NUMBER ONE blessing. I love you guys!


NAT said...

What great traditions! You mentioned that people are more kind this time of year...I guess not on "Black Friday," as my Mom told me about that lady who told you to "get out of the way." It's a good thing that I wasn't there 'cause I would have told her "where to go." :)

Anyway, your blog looks great & our pictures for the family video are going out in the mail first thing tomorrow. Sorry about the delay! Hopefully we're not too late.


Yeah!!! I am so excited for Christmas this year too. The boys are going to have so much fun. We have great tastes. i picked the same background for my blog too!!!

The Smith's said...

I watched that movie "Christmas Shoes" the other night too. I was by myself and balling my eyes out! I love Christmas time. I bet you have decorated your house sooo cute! You are good at that:) I know what you man about the hustle and bustle. I made a commitment to have all my shopping done before Dec. 1st. so that I could just enjoy Dec. without all the stress. We are way excited to see you guys at Christmas. Did you get our Pics?? I hope so, let me know if you didn't. Brooke

Wardle Clan said...

Rikki, I know I already told you but you are so thoughtful to say happy b-day in a post! I am so thankful that you are still my friend even though I am so unorganized, not thoughtful, and well just not YOU! You seem to just have it all togather ALL THE TIME and I love that and wish i coule be more like you! You are so good to your kids, you work hard, and you take such good care of Todd! WAY better than I did when we lived together... he hated me and my messy ways so that is why he married you I guess! "You're the best" and I appreciate your friendship more then you could ever know... expecially back when I met you and you sat by me b/c no one else was and I had no friends and knew no one! You are one HOT MAMA and don't you forget it! Love ya!