Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chandler..2years 10 months... Brody..8 months...

I am proud to say we SURVIVED the holidays! As much as I love Christmas and the holidays I am so happy to have them over. I love having my house back to normal and have the stress of the holidays gone. We had an awesome holiday season! Christmas was a blast! Chandler totally gets the whole "santa" thing and we had so much fun being Mr and Mrs clause this year. I almost couldnt sleep because I was so excited to see the look on Chandlers face when he woke up to his gifts! Chandler told us on Christmas Eve that we needed to leave our lights turned on so that Santa could find our house. Our little Brody was sick for almost all of December. He had the flu for 3 weeks and we sincerely apologize to all of the relatives we got sick! But we are happy to say he is back to his normal happy self and boy are we glad. He is almost 9 months and I cant believe how the time has flown by. He is crawling EVERYWHERE and is starting to pull himself up on everything he can, but thank heavens he hasnt figured out how to make his feet walk with the rest of his body. Iam so not ready for that. Here are a few updated photos of our little family..

We had fun visiting the Nativity at the temple. Chandler kept
saying he needed to go in the Visitor Center and talk to Jesus!

Chandler told every Santa that we saw that he wanted a scooter
but instead he got this Power Wheel Tractor that he can drive
all by himself. He loves driving it everywhere!

It is a total guarantee that at least one present under the tree came from
Smiths, and not to mention Todd most likely bought it while working Christmas Eve! This year I was grateful for that gift! We werent going to get Brody anything but Todd bought this horse at Smiths on Christmas eve. Looks like it was Brodys dream come true! Maybe he will like it in a few months! It is so cute. Its tail wags and it makes horse sounds! Thanks Dad!

Brody and Chandler visiting Santa at the mall.
Chandler loved sledding in the snow. He kept falling off on
purpose. He cried when we left Evanston because he "just wanted
to play in the snow for a minute." He must get that from his mom!!

Grandma Kate reading stories to all of the kids!!
When it "snowed" in St George Chandler wanted to help Todd
shovel the snow. He was such a great helper.

Chandler, Taylor and Grandma Kate riding the four wheeler.
I just want to thank everyone who made our holidays incredible. Thanks mom and dad for the fun Christmas eve get together and for the fun gifts you got the boys and us. Mostly for Polar Express, it was a lifesaver. You are awesome grandparents and we are glad we live close so that our kids can build a strong relationship with you. Thank you for doing things that bring our family closer together and help us to feel the spirit. Thanks Nate and Jet for traveling up everytime something is going on. We are glad that our boys can still have a great relationship with you both and Boston even though you live away. Thanks for the fun board games. We are so excited for your new baby!! Thanks Luke and Jess for putting up with our energetic and feisty Chandler. He loves Grant and always wants him to come over and play. We are sad to see you move but are excited for the changes you will experience. We are proud of you for working so hard to accomplish your goals. Thanks Nick and Jenny for having the most beautiful little princess!! Thanks for playing with Chandler, he loves his uncle nick! We love hayden and her sweet spirit. Zach and Kate, thanks for always helping with the boys. You are both going to be incredible parents. The boys love you. We are so excited for you to get married. Kate we are lucky to have you become a part of our family. We couldnt have asked for a better girl for Zach. Kayla thanks for being such a great little sister. You are always so willing to help me out with anything I need. You are so beautiful and this next year is going to be a blast for you!
We had an awesome weekend up in Evanston and I am truly grateful for Todds family and for everything that they do for us and the boys. Thanks Robert and Kathleen for the incredible weekend. The food was awesome and you always make us feel right at home, maybe cuz we slept in your bed!! Thank you for the GPS!!! Now we wont get lost on our way to Portland!Thanks for staying up and cuddling with Brody when he wasnt feeling well. They are lucky to have such loving involved grandparents. Thanks Ryk and Brooke for traveling all the way out here. We love seeing you and your beautiful children! You are seriously such a fun couple. We wish we could be around you more often so that your fun-ness could rub off onto us!! Thanks Eric and Nat for also making the journey so that our kids could all be together. Your girls are simply adorable and growing way to fast. Nat, your bean dip rocks! and Eric your quiet sense of humor makes me laugh. You say some really fun stuff when you dont realize people are listening! Thanks for getting Emma Oreos when nat was trying to put her to bed because the made my day! Cody and Ash we wish you couldve been here but it was fun spending Thanksgiving with you. Your kids are so smart and cute. We are excited for you and your new house. Change is a good thing and you guys have so much potential. We wish you the best! Cody and Jay thanks for driving up first and checking out the roads for us. Jay thanks for taking Chandler on the four wheeler, over and over and over. Hallee and Carter are the cutest kids and we are glad we live close so that our kids can play together and become the best of friends.
We are so thankful for all of our blessing and wish everybody the best of luck in the New Year!!


Janette said...

The boys are so cute! I love all the pics of them. Looks like you had a great Christmas and we are so glad that Brody is feeling better. Can't wait to see all of you again.

NAT said...

Your boys are so handsome. I'm glad that we were able to hang out with you guys over Christmas. Brody didn't get any of our kids sick, so it's all good. Emma probably gave a few of the kids her runny nose, though. If so, sorry about that!

That tractor for Chandler is amazing! I've never seen anything like it. I love Brody's little horse, too. That was a good idea.

j said...

Sounds like you guys had a good Christmas. Chandler looks so cute on his tractor, i'm sure he is in heaven with it. I love the look on Brody's face while he is riding that rocking horse, what a cute present by the way, gotta love Smiths. I hope you had a good birthday. Thanks for the nice things you had to say about us, you are such a sweetheart and always looking out for everyone.

The Smith's said...

Ty's excited for chan-man to get here. He keeps talking about going swimming with him... SO bring your suits:) We can't wait to hang out, relax and show you guys a good time. By the way, can I just tell you how awesome that book is that you gave to us for Christmas. It is the best quiet book for sacrament. My kids love it and it has kept them well entertained that last two weeks at sacrament. I think because they miss their cousins. See you next week:) Brooke