Monday, December 1, 2008

Shout Out!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY! Todds sister Jessica is the big 24 today! Jessica is one of my best friends. Its actually quite funny because I met Jessica before I even met Todd. We saw her at church one day and decided to sit by her. She told us she was living alone until her brother(TOdd) got home from his mission. Then I saw Todd around the college and had a huge crush on him but still had no clue they were related. They came and ate at Chucks with their grandparents and I knew I better say Hi to her if I wanted to meet her brother! I never imagined we would end up sister in laws. She has been such a great sister in law and friend. Our kids are the same ages so we do a lot together and I really enjoy spending time with her. She is always up to do anything fun. She is always so willing to help me out with the boys and with anything I need. She keeps me motivated and keeps me going to the gym with her and makes me go to spin classes(for that i hate her!!). She is such a good aunt to my boys and they love coming to her house. She is a beautiful girl/women, i dont know what you call girls our age? Were to old to be girls but definetly to young to be ladies? Anyway, she is gorgeous and always looks and dresses so cute. And even after 2 kids she still has a cute little figure,yes Iam jealous!! She is such a good mom and has the most adorable little children. Thanks Jay for being such a great friend! I hope you have a Perfect Day!!


NAT said...

Whoops, I forgot to call Jay on her birthday. I did post something on her blog and sent her a card. Hope that makes up for it. If you're reading this, Happy Birthday, Jay!

NAT said...

P.S. You girls are still so freaking young, so you'd better enjoy. Pretty soon you'll be my age and it's all downhill from there.