Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Brody

Ok I am slacking cuz Brodys birthday was on the 21st but I am finally getting around to posting the pics from it. I can't believe my little Brody is actually 1. This year has gone by so fast. I am sad to see him getting so big but I love to watch him learn and change. There are so many things I LOVE about Brody so this post might get long but I just love him so much... These are some pics of his party...

No pics of the cake...He doesn't really love sugar, which I am thankful for. He really isn't big on
sweets so we decided not to force it on him.

I love his determination! He has become quite the little climber. I am afraid he is learning a lot from his brother! It is so fun to watch him try and try until he can climb where ever he wants to be. I love watching him figure things out. I am so thankful he is healthy and able to climb and walk!

I actually don't even mind his little fits because they just make me laugh! Brody is serioulsy NEVER naughty which is such a change from chandler...I love that he is always happy! He always has a smile on his face and I love that he lights up when he sees me or especially Todd. He loves his dad and it is so funny when he gets home from work, Brody will drop everything to go see Todd. He is such a daddys boy. How can you not love that cheesy grin?


I love what great friends my boys are! I am so excited that they are close enough in age to be best buds! I love how much Brody loves Chandler and wants to do everything he is doing! Boys are the BEST! I love Brody so much. I love his squishy little body...I love his big slobbery kisses..I love that he still LOVES to cuddle..I love his laugh that is so contagious..I love his big one-toothed grin..I love the sparkle that is in his eye..I love what a sweet spirit he has..I love that I get to be his mom..I love you Brody..Happy Birthday!


Chandler was so excited that it was Brodys birthday. He wanted to sing to him all day!


Wardleclan said...

I love this posta and I would have to agree with all of it! Brody just randomly started laughing in the back of the va today and before you knew it we all jsut started bracking up! He is so good natured and always a happy, chubby, adorable little guy! I also thought it was so cute today when Todd picked him up because I was pushing him on the scooter and he was laughoing and loving it andthe as soon as he saw Todd gt out of the Truck he tried to get off the scooter as fast as he could and he went right over to Todds and got this huge smile on his face! I am glad that you said that he is daddy's boy b/c I was feeling like he must have hated our house!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday Brody! They grow so dang fast! What a cutie

james family said...

Happy Birthday Brody! I can't believe he is already one. He is such a sweetheart.

Ashley and Cody said...

I can't believe Brody is really one!! The time went by so fast. I love this little guy and he seriously can light up any room with his adorable smile. He is one of the happiest babies and I told Cody I hope our next one is as happy as Brody. His big eyes just melt your heart. You need to post some pictures of your hair. I bet it looks so cute!!

katesmith said...

Everything you said about Brody is so true. I didn't realize how much of a daddy's boy he is until this weekend. His eyes light up and away he goes to his dad the minute he comes into the room. We enjoyed the boys so much this past weekend. Jay & I were in the dressing room and I was trying on a shirt, and put my arm through the wrong hole and Brody cracked up laughing right at that moment ! It was hilarious. Happy Birthday to the little Brodster!

The Smith's said...

We missed Brody's b-day! Sorry, we've never been to good at remembering b-day's around here. He is so cute! I can't believe how much more he is doing since you guys came to visit. What a cutie pie:) We are still waiting for the new hair due picture though:)

NAT said...

Hey Todd - I saw that underwear shot. Nice trying to duck out of the camera's view. :) Ha!

Happy Be-lated Birthday, Brody. You're adorable.

I can't believe that he's 1 already. It seems like only yesterday we came for his baby blessing. Your boys are so handsome and always look so nice.

Shannon said...

Wow I can't believe he is 1....Happy Birthday!