Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer...

Let the lazy days car washing, no Golds Gym, and definetely NO spring cleaning!!(Which is so rare for me cuz I Love to clean!) I feel like I have let myself GO...and I LOVE IT! I have decided this summer I am not wasting my time making sure I have a clean house or clean boys but I am spending every second I can basking in the sun and soaking up my boys laughter! I am finally realizing what brings me REAL joy and it is seeing my boys happy and having the time of their lives. Chandler wakes up every morning and asks what we are doing today! Seriously, I am so HAPPY it is summer! I love the warm weather! And we have been enjoying every minute of it! Here are some pics of what we have been up to and probably will be up to for the next 4 months!!!

Yep..we automatically put our swimsuits on EVERY morning!

Brody and I on the play set. Brody is getting so big and SO fun! He has the sweetest personality and I love to be around him. His happiness is contagious and I swear he is ALWAYS happy. He has been the best little guy and I love him so much. He is becoming his own little man! HE is waving now and is learning to follow instructions! Its funny because he cant talk but anything you tell him to do or get he will! And he is so obedient! He also gives the worlds BIGGEST and BEST kisses!! He is too good to be true! But I know hes not just an image cuz I get to squeeze his big chunky body every day! I love you Brody.

I had to post this cuz this is Chandler packing for Bear lake! Everyday! He has to make sure there is a bike for every grandchild. He even made me take his training wheels off so Ty would have something to ride while we were there! He is the most thoughtful young man I know! He is always sharing his popsicles with the neighbors and making sure I buy a sucker and a squirt gun for all of his friends at the weekly splash park outing! He has become my best friend! He is so entertaining and funny! Todd thinks he gets his humor from him but I dont know!! Either way he is hilarious and comes up with some funny stuff! I just love hanging out with him especially in the car when he blasts the music and starts to dance! He rolls down his window and says No mom, you do it like this...and boy can he move!!

Todd and Chandler at the lake! We had so much fun taking the boys to the lake! I was glad Todd could come with us! My boys just love their dad and I am so thankful they have such an incredible father to look up to! Todd is amazing with the boys and is so good to take the time to play with them even after a hard day at work. I am so blessed to have such a helpful involved husband who knows what being a "daddy" is truly ALL about! We love you Todd.

I love what great friends my boys are becoming! Brody cant wait for Chandler to wake up in the mornings. He trys to knock on his door and wake him up and when he finally gets up Brody runs to give him a hug! Chandler is the best big brother and he is always watching out for Brody and making sure everyone is nice to him! He has been so good to share with him and teach him all of his tricks!! I feel so blessed to have such amazing sons!

What more can I say?? No Fear!

Slip N' SLiding!

Brody just likes to drink the water..

Good job Dad!

Chandler wanted to do the slip n slide like Ty!


Wardleclan said...

What a fun post! That is so True about Brody, the other day when I was leaving the gym Brenda came walking over to me and handed me Brody (she thought he was mine) and I was holding him and I said can I have a kiss and he leaned over and gave me the biggest kiss ever! Yesterday I was asking Hallee her favorites.... and when I said who is your favorite... Chandler or Brody... she said Brody and I said why... she said b/c he gives me kisses and hug! I thought that was so cute! I have been trying to be more like you and have a clean house but I have to admit that somedays I am just more happy to go out swimming with the kids and not do any house work at all! Thanks so much for the pedicure and I am so greatful to have such a kind & thoughtful (chandler gets he thoughtfulness definitely from you) sister-in-law that lives so close! We love you guys!

Janette said...

those two are so cute! we have had so much fun being able to hang out with you guys. Boston loves Chandler and Brody (and mentions there names everyday when we get in the car) Thanks again for always inviting us to your fun activities..

The Smith's said...

I agree about just being lazy all summer! The kids and I didn't even get out of our pj's until 11:00 the other day. And when we did finally get dressed it was in our swimsuits to go out and do slip and slide with their friends. We got the double slipn slide this 2 can go at a time. I was laughing so hard about the packing for bear lake trip. Bear Lake would just NOT be the same with out the chan-man. He is so full of fun and life. He is definately the life of the party and keeps us all laughing while we are there. It was so cute to see him do his slip and slide... and Ty just thought it was great that he said "HI" to him. Brody is so cute! I had to laugh because that is what taylor use to do last year with our slipn slide. He really is the happiest kid!

Ashley and Cody said...

I loved this post. Time is so short with our kids when they are little and I'm glad you are taking advantage of being with your boys everyday this summer. They love you so much and you guys are such great parents. You and your boys are so thoughtful and we think the world of you guys. It is so fun being able to stay at home and do fun things like this with your kids. The slip and slide videos are great. I love the one of Brody drinking the water. Too cute. We can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks

The Smith's said...

PS.... CUTE HAIR! I am thinking about chopping mine. I have been for years. But, now I think I am ready to take the plung:)

NAT said...

This was such a cute post. I'm glad that you guys are having so much fun and enjoying the weather. It's been rainy here for the past week and really depressing! We haven't even made it to our pool yet. Today, it was hailing. Yeah, good times in Northern Utah. The kids look so cute and your hair is super cute. Tell Todd to mix in a cheeseburger or something. He's too skinny. I'm really just jealous.

katesmith said...

These pictures are so fun! The song always gets me and it is so true. I am cracking up at the packing for Bear Lake because it is Grandpa Smith's old truck and you should have seen that thing when he got to Bear Lake. It was already a low rider, but it was dragging bottom! Chan is a thoughtful little guy. So funny how many times he has packed. Thanks for hanging out with me while I was tending Hallee & Carter! It was so fun and it gave me a greater appreciation of you mom's and the car seats. They are the worst! You got it right Rikki, spend the time with the kids because the house doesn't stay clean anyway! I am still waiting for Summer!!!! Love you

shawfamily said...

so fun! Seein and reading about your boys gets me excited for a boy in our family... and gives me hope that even with them being so close it'll be lotsa fun!