Sunday, June 14, 2009

This past week Chandler had hernia surgery and had a
"growth" removed from under his eye. We were a little nervous because he was going to be put completely under but the doctor said it really needed to be done. They were worried about the growth under his eye because it was really rare for such a little guy to have one. He wasn't to excited when we got to the doctors but after they gave him some medicine to help him relax he actually got really funny. He started seeing double and he kept touching my face and saying--slurring--"mom, you funny." Anyway he got really relaxed and went with the doctor just fine. About an hour later they were done and everything had gone fine. He had a really hard time waking up from the anesthesia. It was hard for me to watch because he was just screaming and thrashing around because he didnt know where he was. He didn't want me to hold him but then he would scream that he wanted me. It was awful to see him in pain. But we told him he could get a fishing pole if he did good so as we were heading home he frieked out for a fishing pole and we picked up brody and headed to wal mart. He fell asleep in the bottom of the cart and we got his fishing pole! He laid low for most of the day but complained a little about the pain. He is doing ok now and is just exstatic to head to Wyoming tomorrow. He even got to pack his own bag!
Chandler on the morning of his surgery! He was NOT excited to put on his gown. Granted it was 6 AM!
All dressed up and ready to be put under!
Fun weekend with Grandma Smith!
Chandler holding Nate and Janettes new baby girl Lila Marie! She is so beautiful and we are so excited she is finally here!
Chandler and Brody driving the car at the grocery store!
Thanks Chan, you're the BEST brother ever!
I got Chandler these roller skates at a yard sale and he asks every morning if he can go practice his skating!! He actually has pretty good balance but he has a long way to go before he can roller blade with the neighbor kids!!


The Smith's said...

I must say that I am most impressed with the skates:) Pretty good for a three year old. Can I tell you what Ty wants now?? Thanks chan-man. I told him to put it on his Christmas list. He was begging for a skateboard...but I think these will take the cake now that he has seen chan-man on them.. I am sorry to hear about the surgery. I didn't know he had a growth under his eye. Poor little guy! He deserves a fishing pole:) I am glad he is doing good!

Wardleclan said...

I hated when Hallee came out from the anesthesia too... it was so so sad. I am glad he is doing good and I had to laugh at the video of Brody... Carter loves the scooter too and Halle wants to push him... but I know now what would happen:) Those skates look fun... but hallee falls with shoes so I don't think she could handle those but Chadnler has AMAZING skills... seriously... he can do anything he puts his mind to! I love that about hiM!

katesmith said...

I am cracking up at the Brody video. I think you should seriously submit it for funniest home video. Way to go Chan Man on the Roller skates. I saw you right after you got them and you have come a long way!! I knew you would be determined enough to figure it out. It was great to have you visit before the reunion . Thanks for all your help getting ready to go. Love You


So fun, that is good Chandler did so well with the surgery!!! I loved the video of him skating! You guys coming down for Lukes Graduation??? I hope so. We miss you guys!!!