Sunday, July 5, 2009

Belnap Reunion

We had the opportunity to go spend some time with Todds parents in Wyoming and then go the Belnap Reunion! My boys had so much fun spending time with Todds parents! They always are so good to entertain the boys and they always have so much fun! Todds dad rigged the four-wheeler so Chandler could drive all by himself and he had a blast driving around in their field! We went on the paddle boats and Chandler loved rowing the boat. Brody was not a huge fan of the life jacket but he had a good time also! The highlight for Chandler was when he got to go to work with his grandpa bob! He loves his grandpa so much and loves to ride in his tractor and dump truck! I am thankful Chandler has such great examples in his life and that they are patient with him and are willing to take him along on any adventure!

Todd and the boys on the Four-wheeler

Chandler and Grandma Kate

Todds parents and our fam! My boys have the best, most involved grandparents and they are so lucky!!

Our fam on the paddle boats

We went to Todds family reunion and it was a blast! Chandler and Brody had so much fun just being outdoors and getting dirty! They slept so good because they got so worn out! Chandler even fell asleep on the four-wheeler which is a first for him. Chandler thought he was the "man" since he could drive the four-wheeler alone and he kept trying to tell the older kids how to start it and what to do! He gets kind of bossy! We went on some fun trails on the four-wheelers and a beautiful hike up to Cascade Springs where we saw 2 moose! Chandler loved that! I am so thankful for Todds family and we always have so much fun when we are with them. They are up for anything and we always seem to go on some fun adventure when we are together! I am so thankful my boys have so many cousins their ages and so many examples to look up to! We are so blessed to come from such great families.

Cascade Springs

Chandler and Brody "roughing" it in the motor home!

Todd and The boys!!

Cody, Chandler and Carter on the four-wheeler
Aunt Ash and Brody..We are so glad Ash and her kids make the trek to come to all of the family stuff. we love spending time with them and my kids love Trey and Lexi!


Todd and Robert racing...


Ashley and Cody said...

Such cute pictures!! I am sending a CD back with Jess of all the pictures and you can pick which ones you like best. I had so much fun hanging out with you and I'm so grateful for all the fun times we've been able to have this summer. You are such a sweet person and I'm thankful to have you for my sis in law. I hope you had a happy 4th and can't wait to see you at Bear Lake. Thanks for always being such a big help with my kids when we come by ourselves. It means a lot to me.

The Smith's said...

SO fun! I am jelous we wern't there. It sounds like we are going to have to hide the 4-wheeler keys from the kids in August. We let Ty drive the 4 wheeeler by himself when someone is on the back with him and now he thinks he can do it alone. Those two could be trouble come august. Chan-man was pretty cordinated in the gunny-sac.. I must say. Way to go chan. Brody looks like he had lots of fun too:) Fun pics

katesmith said...

I knew ChanMan had no fear, but riding a cow at 3??? That was hilarious. Way to go Chan Man!!! I really think he is meant to live in Wyoming!! He is so strong that I am not surprised he could do the rock wall. Such cute pictures and so glad you could spend time with us and go to the reunion. Too bad we didn't have a picture of Chandler on the roof of the motor home. I think we were too scared to breathe!

NAT said...

Those are great pictures! I'm glad that you guys had some sunshine. Sorry that I brought the rain with me when I showed up. Good times.

Those sack races were hilarious. I busted up laughing when my Dad biffed it. I guess that's what he gets for cheating. :)