Sunday, July 5, 2009 the EXTREME!!

Somebody PLEASE help me! My little Chanman has NO FEAR! This is his latest quest..he wants to be a BULL RIDER! We went out to the Gunlock rodeo and he rode the cow. I thought he would be scared but Zach walked him down there and my friends husband Troy helped him in the chute and onto the cow. He LOVED it. He was telling the rodeo clown that he was going to ride bulls. The whole next day he told everyone that he rode a bull. Heres a few pics..

...My handsome bull rider...

Chandler with the rodeo clowns..everyone was so nice to Chandler!

Thanks Troy for helping Chandler ride the "bull"
This was a good ride but the cow ran toward me and I lost control of the camera...Sorry!
Chandler kept saying he needed a lasso so he could rope the cows on his horse

We ended up at the rodeo TWO nights in a row because we had so much fun. Chandler chose to go to the rodeo instead of the fireworks!

Four Wheeling
He also LOVES to ride the four-wheeler all by himself!! Good Job Chandler!

At our 4th of July celebration Chandler went rock climbing. It was funny cuz the guy was like we've never had anyone under 4 do it..And I said well if I pay can he at least Chan tried it and climbed to the top! He is definetely fearless and can do anything he puts his mind to!! I couldn't get the video to rotate so if anyone knows how please tell me!!



Wardleclan said...

WOW! That is so wesome ! The Rodeo looks like a ton of Fun!Hallee loves watching all these videos!

Shannon said...

WOW!!! That is amazing! He's going to be a stunt man or a famous cowboy or something like that when he grows up!

The Smith's said...

WOW!! I have to admit he has a brave MOM!!! That bull ride and pictures were just about the cutest thing!!! As for the 4 wheeler.... I didn't let Ty watch...because I am not there yet. He can do it by himself but I insist on being on the back with him. I havn't gotten as brave as you. I know if I let Ty watch Chan-man...I'll never hear the end of it! Chan... good job.. Maybe you'll be the next 8 seconds:)

Ashley and Cody said...

Wow little Chan!! What a brave little guy. I think Chandler has great things in store with his ambition! He is one of the most athletic kids I know and I can't believe he wasn't afraid to climb or ride the cow. HE is such a darling and sweet little boy. I think with his determination he is going to be such a great leader everywhere he goes. CUte videos!! Lexi will love watching these.

NAT said...

Way to go, Chan Man! He is such a brave little guy. I started laughing when you lost control of the camera as the Cow came a charging! I would have freaked out.

djzmcallister said...

So dang cute with the cowboy hats.

Jennifer said...

Chandler cracks me up. Hey I decided to go private so send me your e-mail and I will add you. jennybanks_5 at

Brad & Beth said...

Rikki! YOur boys are so cute!! I was reading the little things you put on here about Chandler and seriously laughed so hard I was crying, then read some that just made me almost cry for real. Your family is beautiful! How blessed you have been to have such cute kids!