Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Easter Surpise

Chandler and Brody Easter morning. Chandler had so much fun finding eggs and getting some new bball clothes. He kept asking when the Easter Basket was coming! It was fun to carry on some family traditions and now that Chandler is old enough to understand and get involved it was even that much more fun. I love doing things for my kids and seeing the excitement on their faces when they found the eggs.

New clothes from Zach and Kates wedding. Dont they look stunning? We are so excited for Zach and Kate. We are so happy that shes officially a part of our family, even though she has been for many years already. We love you Kate and are happy to call you a sister!!

Our biggest Surprise.. Brody started walking!! He has been standing for like 2 months but has never really taken to many steps and then all of a sudden on Easter he just took off. Now he walks everywhere. It was crazy cuz my niece Hayden started walking on Easter also and now we cant keep up with either of them. I cant believe my baby is walking!

Chan decided since Todd was washing the car he needed to wash his bikes...scooters...tractors..anything he could find to Scrub! He got a new washcloth everytime and made the bikes look Brand New. He kept looking up and saying, "Does it look ok?" " Does it look good, dad?" Im glad he got some of my OCD when it comes to cleaning and looking nice. Whenever he eats he has to wipe his hands and face after every bite. Its hilarious!

My biggest surprise...I chopped my hair! Kayla cut off 8 1/2 inches! She did a great job and the cut is very cute but I dont dare post a pic cuz Iam not sure how to do it yet. Those who say short hair is easier are not being honest. I could get ready a lot faster when I had long hair. Thank goodness for prenatals so my hair can grow back quickly!


Wardleclan said...

Oh my... I want to see your hair! I can't blieve you cut it off... I swore you would always have long hair! I can't wait till tomorrow to see the new you! :) I love that Todd came and stopped by today... I love your family so much but I am sad that Brodster is already walking... it goes way too fast! Oh and we dyed te eggs on a Friday and I know you were at work, it was a last minute idea and I wish we hadn't done it! believe me you were glad that you didn't get an invite! :) Thanks Rikki for being such an amazing person and for being such a great friend! I love you so much! You are like SUPER WOMAN and seem to be able to do it all and yet hold it all together!

The Smith's said...

You better post a picture of your hair! I have been wanting to chop mine but always chicken out! You have to post a picture!! Your boys look so adorbale in their little outfits. I love the Ty on Brody! It looks hilarious to see a tie on a little baby like him. Sooo cute. I can't believe he is walking! I love the story of Chan-man washing his bikes. I guess he got a little grandpa bob in him too:) Soo cute. That kid makes me smile just looking at him:) Post a picture of you SOON!

katesmith said...

when we were bringing the boys to Zach's wedding, I couldn't believe how darn handsome they looked in their shirts and ties. We only got to see a couple of steps from Brody when we were there. He must have been faking it that he was a little apprehensive about walking, cause he looks like a little pro. Too bad you don't have a video of Chandler break dancing at Zach's wedding. It could have won for funniest home video!! I think Chan Man comes by his ocd honestly! Wait until he lines up his bike,scooter and all his toys in perfectly straight lines, as well as his shoes in his closet etc. just like Todd did!!! Love you

Adam and Cara Rigby said...

that's awesome that brody is's been too long since I've seen him cuz in that pic he looks so grown up. You definately need to post a pic of your new do, i'm sure it looks great. short hair though is way more actually have to do it ;)

Brian and Amber said...

I can't wait to see your hair, I've been thinking of cutting mine!

Jennifer said...

chandler just cracks me up, I love that he wanted to wash all of his things. It's so crazy that brody and hayden started walking at the same time, I was sure he was going to beat her. He looks so cute walking around. Your hair looks super cute, but you should post a picture for everyone to see. Thanks for all you do for us Rikki and by us I mean your whole family you are always there whenever anybody does or needs anything and I think we all appreciate it so much. Thanks for always inviting me to go to the library with you, one of these days I'm going to surprise you and actually show up. If you need a babysitter at all these next two weeks or so just let me know.