Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chandlers Big Day

I still can't believe Chandler is old enough to go to Kindergarden. I love to see him learn and grow but it is so sad how fast the time goes. I am proud of everything he is accomplishing and the great little boy he is becoming!

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Brody can't wait to go to school like his big brother!

Chandler getting his diploma! I was worried how chan would act in school since he is a little on the wild side but I was impressed with how calm he was and how well he listened. Ms. Clelia said he was an excellent student and rarely got in trouble. I think it will be good that he wants to be the best at everything because he always wanted to stay on the "good side" of the class chart.

Chandler doing the Pledge of Allegiance!

Chandler biggest fans!!

Chandler and Grant loved going to school together and they loved carpooling!

Our latest obsession

Lately my kids have been wanting to go on bike rides, it seems like they ask everyday! So we load up the trailor with our lunches and hop on the trail to go for a ride! It is great exercise and I love to see my kids doing something active! I have been trying to teach Chandler about the importance of exercise and eating our veggies. On our last bike ride we passed a Mcdonalds and the kids wanted to stop and eat there. Chandler told me "that kind of food isn't good for us, we better ride to Subway instead.

Chandler on his new bike he got for Easter. He loves to wear his Camelbak while hes riding and I love it because it has made him LOVE water!!!

The best passengers ever! I love my bike trailor!

Miss Stella posing at the park.

On our journey we had to make a stop at the Bike shop. The boys had a blast pretending to repair their tires.

What did I get for my money? 3 kids who had an amazing day and 3 kids who had an amazing nap after the ride!!! Totally worth it!

For memories sake:

We stopped at Maverick to get the kids a Bug Juice to go with their lunches. Chandler tells me he doesn't want a bug juice because it will give him cavities. And he actually chooses water!

Brody tells me "Next time you are jumping on your bed you better be careful. Its really high and I almost fell off." Ok Brody, I will be careful while jumping on my bed:)

Chandler tells me if a movie is PG-5 he is allowed to watch it.

Brody asks "to take my picture so he doesnt forget what I look like." ummmm a little morbid.

Logan told me he wanted to buy his mom some flowers. I tell him to have his dad buy them. Brody tells Logan, " When your mom dies you can buy her flowers


Kati said...

Your kids are hilarious!

katesmith said...

Chan Man, I am so proud of you! These are the most handsome pictures of you! I wish we could have been to your graduation. It looks like you did an amazing job. We are proud of the good boy you are and the good example you are for Brody. Thanks for sharing the video. I guess I have to settle for that.(not as good as the real thing) I think it is so great that you all bike ride together. It is so refreshing to see kids being active and loving the outdoors!
Stella is getting so darn cute! And Brody seems to look more like his Dad all the time. He is the cutest boy in glasses that I've ever seen!

Ashley and Cody said...

Oh my heck I couldn't quit laughing at all the funny comments your kids made, especially Chandler with the Subway comment! That is too hilarious!! What a crack up and I love that he takes his Camel pack with him. He looks so grown up, and his graduation pictures are adorable! He is such a sweet little boy, and has the biggest heart. Like I always say, Chandler is going to do big things with his life! He is a go getter and very determined. What a cutie. Your kids are adorable and we can't wait to see them in a few weeks!!