Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let the posting begin...
We have had a crazy few months with a lot of exciting things happening. Todd was working out of town so I decided to update my blog! I made memory books for my kids for Christmas and I realized how nice it was to have my blog as a reference! I want to be better at blogging even the simple things just so my kids will remember. Over the last month we have:
-Celebrated a wonderful Christmas season
-went to Disney on Ice-Toy Story 3
-Went sledding on Mt Charleston
-Celebrated my 27th bday--with a sprained ankle:) followed with an amazing date to "Phantom of the Opera"--Thanks babe
-Had the Lafaeles come visit!!!
-Had a "Nerf War"
-Ran the Diva Dash
-Brody advanced to Primary
-Chandler got Student of the month
-Dolphin exhibit at the Mirage
-Lots of park days and bike rides
-Childrens Museum
-Nielsens came for an exciting visit
-Todd advances at work--Way to Go Todd!!!!
-Fun Dance Parties
It has been an eventful month and we look forward to many more fun memories! I love my family and I love creating new memories with them every day! I love my job as mother and wife! There really is no greater calling!


Wardleclan said...

How FUN!!! What a ton of fun and exciting posts! You are like Wonder Woman! Always doing such fun and adventurous things with your kids, cousins, and heck the whole dang neighborhood! :) What a cute idea for the nerf war! I am gonna have to get ideas from you with two boys of my own now! I called Todd to tell him Congrats and he didn't anwer and never called me back.... so COngrats Todd! your hard work will always pay off!

The Smith's said...

Oh my heck...I thought I already responded to these posts but it never showed!!! It looks like you all have been up to a whole lot of fun. I love the outfits of you and the lady's so creative and fun. That looks like some great therapy. I am jealous!! You are one hot mama in your outfit!! I think the nerf war is the greatest idea ever. You have to be the coolest mom on the entire block!!! Way to go Chan Man on Student of the Month!!! That is a huge accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourself. We miss you guys and hope we get to see you soon:)