Thursday, April 19, 2012

Valentines day 2012
Todds parents were here this Vday! The kids were so excited to spend this "holiday" with them! We had a fun dinner and played a fun game of candyland! These are pics of the table! I know Todd thinks its a waste of money but I wanted to decorate the table fun and special for the kids! I love that anytime we have a holiday dinner at my moms there is always a little gift and you can tell how much time and love she put in to having us all over! It always makes me feel special and so I want to continue that tradition! Money comes and goes but these memories will last forever!!

Chocolate almonds and a family picture for Todds new office!

Chocolate almonds for Grandpa Bob and book and necklace for grandma Kate!

Stellas new shades

Brody got some new playdoh

Chandler got a new book!! He has become such a great reader!

Grandpa Bob and Miss Stella

Grandma Kate is always so good to read to the kids and make them each feel special!

Brody and Grandpa Bob

Who invited Iron Man?
We were so happy to have Todds parents here. I am always so thankful that my kids have such amazing grandparents. They always make my kids feel so important and special. They take the time to create memories with each of them indiviually! My kids count down the days when they know their grandparents will be coming! I am thankful for the example they are to me of slowing down and appreciating the small things and letting the kids just be kids!


Jennifer said...

I love how festive that table is, I want an invite next time! You are such a good mom!

katesmith said...

Your Valentine table was adorable, and you are so right...It did make us feel so special! You went to way too much work for us, but we hope you know what a special day it was for us. I love my necklace, and I get a compliment on it every time I wear it! We love those chocolate almonds. They are like Lays potato chips...You definitely can't eat just one. Thanks for everything. It was such a fun visit. We are the lucky ones... to have great kids and grandkids that we adore.